Friday, January 8, 2010

Victory In Defeat

Radical Somali Islamists and their Red allies have suffered a temporary setback in St. Cloud, MN in their campaign to put a Christian in jail for criticizing Islam. (h/t The Volokh Conspiracy

The Mayor of St Cloud had been enraged by criticism of Islam and the Somalis were on the jihad, rage exhibited by both was similar to the cartoon rage caused by the Danish Mohammed cartoons. "Mohamoud Mohamed, a Somali activist in St. Cloud, said the cartoons demonstrate a violent mind-set, and Mayor Dave Kleis says he thinks the man should face legal consequences." Criticize Islam and face legal consequences. Well, do critics of Christianity face any legal consequences in St. Cloud? No, they don't. Only critics of Islam face legal consequences in St Cloud. And what to Somali Muslims give us? Piracy, amputation, murder, and jihad.,2933,575529,00.html

Criminal charges were declined by both of the counties that St Cloud is part of, with one county rejecting outright based on First Amendment grounds. However, the St Cloud city attorney will likely be brining vandalism charges for daring to post on a utility pole a cartoon of Mohammed. Now, how many people have been prosecuted for posting a flyer on a utility pole in St Cloud. None I expect. I am certain the utility poles in St Cloud are filled with flyers for guitar lessons, real estate training, local bands and assorted communist political organizations, just like any city in America.

However, all is not well for the First Amendment. Besides likely city level prosecution, the county prosecuting attorneys were filled with dhimminitude in their letters declining prosectution. Stearns County Attorney Jenelle Kendall however took the time and effort to decry the offending Motoons as reprehensible, demeaning and offensive. Which appears aimed at inflaming the Somali community and inviting prosecution by Eric Holder using the new federal hate crime statute.

Robert Raupp, the County Attorney for Benton County was even more the dhimmi, claiming in correspondence to the St Cloud Police Department that the "suspect" had a "misguided" intent to educate the public. I guess that Raupp is endorsing Islam as a legitimate religion, rather than a socio-political movement of violence and intimidation. There was no need for Raupp to comment on whether he thought the education mission of the poster. That is not his job, since he correctly pointed out that no crime had been committed. His use of the term "suspect" was also suspect, since there can be no suspect if there was, as he rightly pointed out, no crime. The term subject should have been used.

More revealing was the fact that both county attorneys bothered to write a letter declining prosecution. It shows that they gave serious consideration to the obviously false and unconstitutional charges. Most county attorneys and district attorneys don't waste any time writing a declination to a law enforcement agency in a case where there was no crime or even cases where there was a crime, but for whatever reason the prosecutor will not take the case, which happens more often than you think. In 15 years of law enforcement experience presenting both local and federal cases I have never received a declination letter, much less from the head of the prosecutorial agency. Assistant/Deputy County Attorneys/District Attorneys don't waste such time and all one gets is a phone call or email saying thanks, but no thanks. That the head of the County Attorney took the time, effort, and research necessary to write the declination says much of the power of the Somali jihadis and their violent Red allies.

More frightening though is the attitude of Mayor Kleis and his Police Department. That a police officer spent any time on this case shows that he has no regard for the rights of Christians and considers Islam to be above the law and the Constitution. It looks like the St Cloud Police Department is the first American Mutaween or Hay'ah, Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices, the sharia police in Saudi Arabia.

They had their first defeat, but they will be back. Muslims are like the Terminator, they never give up. They will hunt us until we die.

How long before the FBI becomes the federal Mutaween? Under Eric Holder, not long. Islam is in its long march through our institutions. If you thought the red diaper doper babies from the 60s were bad, like Comrade Rodham, wait until you get Mullah Obama. Oh......we got both.

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