Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Model Minority Immigrants

Tai Shen Kuo, Red Chinese spy and naturalized American. (h/t My Pet Jawa) Just another Goodwin Liu.

Sicking The Man On You

Democrat style. (h/t Ace of Spades) Apparently the New York State Police are spend their time asking assualt victims if they really want to report that crime. Such a crime as that, intimidation of a witness by a police agency, is usually investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

"OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT (18 U.S.C. § 241, 18 U.S.C. § 242) -- Intentional acts by law enforcement officials who misuse their positions to unlawfully deprive individuals of constitutional rights, such as the right to be free from unwarranted assaults, illegal arrests and searches, and theft of property."

But apparently this crime does not get prosecuted when it is comitted on behalf of a black Democrat Governor. Obama promised to de-politicize the DOJ, but apparently that is another lie. You see under Obama, investigating a black man is racist. Most likely part of his affirmative action program and keeping black men out of prison.

More Evidence Against Even Model Minority Immigrants

Goodwin Liu is the child of immigrants, just as Major Nidal Hasan was, reports and now an nominee to the U.S. Goodwin Liu wants to be on the 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiles. Goodwin Liu is very successful in the United States. But apparently his success was not his abilities, but affirmative action. And he wants to ensure that he and those of his and other non-white races don't have to compete with white Americans. He is a member of Chinese for Affirmative Action. Chinese for Affirmative Action supports Red Chinese espionage, discrimination against white people, racial balkanization, and the replacement of English as our national language and paternity. Why does Goodwin Liu hate white people? Why does he support "race concious actions by government" directed against white people?

"Goodwin Liu, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said the door was open just enough for districts with the political will to do so to continue to attempt race-conscious efforts to maintain diversity. 'It’s going to be worked out on a district-by-district basis,' said Mr. Liu, who is the co-director of the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity at Berkeley’s law school. 'Districts that are very committed to integration will continue to try to achieve it. It is fundamentally an issue of political will.'” Would this be a Triumph of the Will over the Constitution?

Why does he love criminals? Because he supports black-on-white crime?

What did some white American do to him to make him so angry at white Americans? Why does Goodwin Liu think that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does not provide rights to white Americans? Why does Goodwin Liu support racial discrimination against white Americans? No colorblind society for Goodwin Liu. "At last, can we have our colorblind cake and eat it too? Probably not." Was he harrassed on the school yard by non-whites as Obama was in Indonesia and wants to take it out on white Americans? Is that the origin of his hatred of white people? What is it with minority immigrants that cause them to be filled with such hate? Why doesn't Goodwin Liu just go back to Taiwan and impose affirmative action on the Taiwanese rather than exercise his deep seated racial hatred on Americans. Just where in the Constitution does it say that white Americans can be discriminated against? Goodwin Liu thinks our Founding Fathers were racist slave owners, but those same Founding Fathers and the writers of the 14th Amendment wrote a Constitution and 14th Amendment to enact affirmative action against white Americans. Where is there evidence of this? More importantly why do white Republicans continue to support immigration if this is what we are saddled with?

Goodwin Liu is also a political hack, who attacked Chief Justice John Roberts and testified against Justice Samuel Alito. I guess he hates Catholics as well as white people.
He wants to impose his leftist ideology using lies about the law, policy and results. A racist with a chip on his shoulder. Clearly Goodwin Liu is so obssessed with affirmative action because he feels inadequate. We just don't need racists like Goodwin Liu in this country. And political payback should be a bitch.

Goodwin Liu is a leftist activist not a scholar. From praising ACLU lawyers, to membership in leftist groups like the American Constitutional Society, to co-director of taxpayer supported leftwing political group, Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Diversity at the University of California, Berkeley which produces leftwing propoganda, not legal scholarship, Goodwin Liu is not an unbiased judge, but an activist. Racist Democrat groups support his appointment as well as individual racists looking for racism everywhere, even Breakfast at Tiffany's. Apparenlly Liu believes in the living Constitution, as opposed to the actual Constitution, which means whatever Goodwin Liu says it means.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stalinists At It Again

What is it with minorities? Why can they dish it out, but can't take it? Do they understand the concept of the 1st Amendment? The apparatchiks at University of California San Diego do not approve of ridicule of the over-reaction by minorities to the UCSD off campus party that mimicked the gansta culture of Los Angeles. Apparently we have appointed Indian immigrants to police thought and speech at the University of California San Diego. The Stalinist thug Gupta, obviously cut from the same minority cloth as Comrade Zennie Abraham, claims that funding for student mediawas not done because of the content of the speech, which would make it unconstitutional:

"'Associated Students President Utsav Gupta suspended funding for about 15 of the school's 33 student-funded media outlets to avoid the impression that he was judging content. He said Koala or any other outlet may continue to publish, just without student funding.

"'Some students are drawing the incorrect conclusion that this is muzzling free speech," he said in an interview. "The right to free speech does not equate to a right to funding.'"

But the Stalinist later states that the funding will only return when speech he does not approve of is never allowed to return:

"In a letter posted on a new university Web site to address recent racially charged incidents on campus, Gupta said the organization 'will only open (the TV station) again when we can be sure that such hateful content can never be aired again on our student funded TV station.'"

Just who appointed Gupta the Commissar of Speech? And since he works for the government, funding decisions must be content neutral. I wonder if Comrade Erwin Chemerinsky of the UC Irvine School of Law will be filing a lawsuit to protect freedom of speech? Call Hugh Hewitt and ask: 1(800) 520-1234 or email and ask about his "smart guy." And where is the ACLU? Don't hold your breath.

It Takes A Texan

The United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Murphy has stood up to the amnesty crowd and an enemy of the Constitution wearing judges robes, and served up a heaping helping of Texas legal whoopass. A kritarch if there ever was one, Sam Sparks, United States District Court Judge, wants to be the one to rule us all by edict from the bench. Sparks was given a good ole Texas horse-whipping in Murhpy's prayer to the court. If Sparks were not a pinko commie queer, he would have resigned and ran out of town with his tail between his legs, but it looks like the upcoming Republican Congress will have to do the job by removing his brainless lying ass from his judicial office for defying the Constitution of the United States. One would think that a graduate of an accredited law school, but it was the commie run UTLS, would know about separation of powers, but then perhaps he is a smart guy like Comrade Erwin Chemerinsky. God preserve us from GHWB court appointees.

As I Said

The problem is immigration and apparently Najibullah Zazi's mother is an illegal alien. Whether she is a run of the mill border runner, a non-immigrant unlawfully present, or a legal permanent resident deportable for some offense the story does not say. But it looks like in this plea deal, we are the looser as we get to keep Baby Zazi in jail, Baby Daddy gets a break and Baby Momma gets to stay even though she is deportable. Wow, we keep three crazed jihadis and they call this a winner? Better to shoot him and daddy after a rump court-martial and deport momma anyway.

Homegrown? Not!

Walid Phares has an article on The Counterterrorism Blog about homegrown terrorism highlighting the recent Najibullah Zazi, the Afghani terrorist and immigrant, terrorism case. Phares usually provides great insight into the problem of jihad, but he missed the real point in all the cases he documents on jihad in the U.S. Most were not "homegrown," but immigrants or direct decendants of immigrants. Only the South Carolina case involves native white Americans and the Alabama recruiter shooter was native, but black, and had been to Yemen. Even Zazi's co-conspirators were immigrants.

The problem is not so much jihad in the U.S. but a broken immigration and enforcement system that provides free access to the U.S. by jihadis. The problem is easy to solve. Stop allowing the entry of Moslems into the U.S. and remove the ones already here will end the problem of homegrown jihad.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Strike Against Liberty

The not so secret Stalinists of the left have arrested someone for speaking out against immigration and radical Islam. The English Defense League had organized a protest in Scotland in support of the Scottish Defense League, but the Labour Party Stalinists would not allow it. Of course, like at Waco and Ruby Ridge, the Stalinists used all available force to effect an arrest using excessive force. The Stalinists did not want any demonstration in Scotland against Islam and fear any public event that undermines their rule. Leftists are against freedom of speech, just as I have documented with the petty Stalinists of the San Francisco Bay Area and their blogger Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle. No one is allowed to oppose diversity, immigration or Baraka Hussein Obama. This is how the leftists in America want to respond. Of course the English are defenseless; unarmed and vulnerable, they have lost their heritage of an armed yeomanry. Of course here we can resist, but the Obama Regime wants to end your ability to do what the English cannot do.

Dealing With Devil

Or lying down with dogs, you eventually pay the piper. How is that for mixing metaphors? This is a story about Sikhs beheaded by Muslims for not converting to Islam. (h/t Weasel Zippers) Not so shocking, as that is typical behavior by Muslims. Except that Sikhs appear to be committing suicide, not by living in Pakistan, though that is probably not a good idea, but by allying themselves with radical Islamists. (h/t Pajamas Media) It appears at least one Sikh knows where the danger comes from, if most American Sikhs don't. But even most UK Sikhs have their heads in the sand. Under Islam the only Sikhs around will be beheaded ones.

Of course this points out the futility of any alliance by pro-freedom groups with persons of color, who are more concerned about fighting the man, that with their own survival. It is similar to the futility of pandering to homosexuals, who are closely aligned with radical Islam even though under Islam they would be executed. Face it, people of color are more concerned with fighting against whitey and homosexuals more with their sexual fantasies to provide any assistance in the fight against radical Islam.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Now Back To Our Regulary Scheduled Blogging Subject

Immigration attorneys are up in arms because the Obama Regime has not ended all immigration law enforcement. In fact they claim immigration enforcement is increasing.,0219-kolken.shtm I, of course, have pointed out repeatedly that the opposite is true. The Obama Regime has effectively ended most immigration enforcement. This is evidenced not only by the public record, but what Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents tell me. More evidence that the Obama Regime is no longer arresting run of the mill illegal aliens and has restricted enforcement to illegal aliens already convicted of other unrelated crimes.,0,7935747.story (h/t Stein Report So, for the whiney liars, Obama has ended immigration enforcement. At least acknowledge your victory. But leftists are never content with one victory, they are shooting for the end of all immigration enforcement. Just part of their War on America.

Threats From Comrade Zennie

I said in a previous post that leftists were Stalinists at heart and Zennie Abraham has proven it true. He is now threatening me with prosecution for federal crimes because I dare write about him and expose his not so secret Stalinism, hypocrisy and shallowness. (See his comment at the bottom)

Leftists hate it when they are criticized and expose themselves for the Stalinists they are when they react to criticism. They threaten you with criminal prosecution.

The left are all not-so secret tyrants. Learn this lesson well.

Lets review the crimes I committed:

I exposed his blogging as oriented to low class celebrity worship.

I criticized his reporting skills and bias.

I said he was an affirmative action hire at the SF Chron.

I dared to use the same words leftists forgave of Harry Reid.

I criticized the gansta culture of Los Angeles blacks and the rappers like 2Pac Shakur who foment violence for profit.

That is apparently a crime in this country now.

And, of course, he uses the racist allegation. But a racist is someone who is winning an argument with a leftist.

I guess he wants the FBI to burn down my church and shot my wife, son and dog.

Thanks Zennie. You would have been a good Chekist.

Welcome Refugee Resettlement Watch Readers

Welcome to RRW readers.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stalinists Against The First Amendment

The Stalinists more commonly know as Demoncrats are at it again, led by Harry Reid's kind of light skinned Negro California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. They want to arrest, kill or expel from the University of California, San Diego, any person they disagree with. Communists are all agaga at the temerity of UCSD students mocking the thug culture of Compton which gave us gangstas like Ice-T, Ice-Cube, Snoop Dog, and 2Pac Shakur. Racial bolsehviks of all colors are on the warpath because of this, including Comrade Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle. He says it is racist and white people should be forced to have black friends. Please note that Zennie's boss at the Chron has few black friends, so he should be careful. White leftists are just as segregated as other whites, if not more so. However, nothing about the party was racists. It did play to gansta culture stereotypes, but anyone with even the most itinerant knowledge of LA black culture of the Compton area knows that everything the flyer for the party is true. Comrade Zennie just doesn't want to acknowledge it. I would suggest Comrade Zennie and the Harry Reid light skinned Negro Karen Bass try driving around Compton for a while. They will see black men dressed in a uniform of oversized white T-shirts, baggy jeans and white as snow sneakers. That is a factual statement. While Comrade Zennie and Harry Reid light skinned Negro Karen Bass may dress up in suits, they defend and applaud the gansta culture that kills alot more black people than any racist whites have done in the past 30 years, perhaps the last 100 years. I myself deal with the gansta culture and the flyer is spot on regarding gangsta culture. The problem Comrade Zennie complains about and his solution is not more black friends for the white liberals and homosexuals that manage the SF Chronicle, but a change in black culture.

Of course, neither is the solution of the government engaging in a pogrom of white students at universities either. First, what are they going to investigate? Someone exercising their Constitutional rights? What is the legal basis of that? Is UCSD authorized to investigate the use of the First Amendment? I don't think so. Is the Assembly of the State of California authorized to investigate the use of the First Amendment? I don't think so. As a matter of fact leftists complained when the State of California investigated terrorists in the 60s, claiming that sedition, treason, and draft dodging were protected by the Constitution.

But, as we all know, the first tendancy of the Demoncrat Party and leftists in general is Stalinist. It is to intimidate, harrass, arrest, jail and execute any opposition to their ideology, especially any whites or Christians. That is the reason the left is so supportive of radical Islam, because the Islamists target whites and Christians as well. Theirs is a marriage made in the last circle of Hell. And they will not be happy until they drive you to your death. Or shot your wife, dog and son. And burn down your church.

Comrade Zennie Moves On

Communist blogger Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle has moved on from his Obama based defense of the Alabama killer Amy Bishop. As you all remember Comrad Zennie said the white racist rednecks of Alabama drove her over the edge. Well, she was certainly over the edge and information comes out daily that she was completely nuts. And completely incompetant as an instructor. She apparenlty could only read out of the text book. That was the extent of her teaching ability. Well, this should come as no surprise as she was obviously a beneficiary of affirmative action, just as Comrade Zennie is. He is paid by the Chronicle only because he is black and parrots the talking points of the DNC. Comrade Zennie is a useless blogger who besides reguritating whatever leftwing claptrap he read that morning, concentrates on Hollywood gossip, sort of like a low-rent TMZ. Leftists like Comrade Zennie and Amy Bishop like to claim that they are intellectuals, but they really are sub-literate morons obsessed with white celebrities. Hollywood gossip and celebrity birthdays? Real hard hitting journalism and cutting edge use of the internet. Just look at this post by Comrade Zennie attacking CNN for daring to do a poll about Obama that might reflect negatively on Obama. And he attacks the Clinton/Obama hack David Gergen for daring to criticize the Dear Leader. And ends with a claim that Obama deserves a second term. Just more proof of the rampant racism in the black community that they will attack even whites who support Obama and the Clintons. And here he is pandering to Billy-Jeff Bentpecker. And he tries and weasel his way into supporting Tibet, even though Billy-Jeff, Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum were bought and paid for by Red China long ago. And war profiteers in Iraq as well.

And just what has Zennie moved on to? Well, another one of his racist tirades against white people and a old white man who stood up to a black thug on a bus in the black crime center of Oakland. Basically a couple of black thugs went wilding on an old white guy, who had the temerity to stand up and fight back. Of course Comrade Zennie and his ilk are claiming the old guy had it coming because he claims the old white guy said something about shining shoes. Really? Are black people in Oakland have such short tempers and no self control that one just has to mention shoe-shine and they go off? They better check with the black shoe shine guy in Frank Ogawa Plaza, across from Oakland City Hall about that.

Interestingly enough Comrade Zennie takes the claim of a black woman, whom he does not identify by name, Iyanna Washington, who may have stolen the old white man's bag, at face value: "First, she says that she did not take the bag that belonged to the Old White Man. iyannaw08 says that she took the bag to the front of the bus and left it for the authorities when they arrived. "

However, CBS 5 News reports: "Video shows Washington grabbing the older man's bag and carrying it to the back of the bus while somebody says, 'Go through that.' But Washington told KPIX that she didn't steal anything. 'Why would I steal the guy's bag?' she said. 'I picked the bag up, I placed it on the seat and that was the end of that. When I got off the bus the bag was still on the bus.'" (h/t Crime and Federalism, a liberal blog by the way,

Of course, the old excuse "Why would I do it?" is a common response by criminals trying to deflect from answering for their crime. The response of an innocent person is not why would I do something, but I did not do it.

Note that Washington was refering to the white guy as "pinky," one of the widely used racist terms for white people used in the black community.

Of course leftists don't like it when people stand up against attacks, and especially don't like it when people like David Gergen or anonymous old white men on buses stand up like Bernie Goetz.

This sums it up. Comrade Zennie and his fellow leftists don't like it when you resist, just as the Tea-Party people are all racists for opposing Obama. So it is when black-on-white crime is resisted, leftists explode. They are so irrational even David Gerghen is a racist, even though he worked for Billy-Jeff Bentpecker that Comrade Zennie so loves and is jealous that he can't get tickets to the worship service at UC Berkely for old Bentpecker.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Comrade Zennie Replies

Well, Comrade Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle has replied in full denial mode. The man who blamed Alabamans for the murderous behavior of a New England communist and Obama worshiper is a tad upset. I am his equivalent of Oberdouche's Worst Person In The World or whatever the Douche says about the non-communist du jour. For some reason this San Francisco Democrat, if you catch my drift, brings up the death penalty and says he is opposed. What a strange thing to say in your defense when you blame the white people of Alabama for a crazed Democrat murder, who not only killed her colleagues, but her brother and tried to bomb another professor some years ago. And, was, of course, protected by a Kennedyesque Democrat prosecutor.
(h/t Gateway Pundit )

According to Comrade Zennie, it was the white people of Alabama who caused her to do it, but all the evidence shows that Amy Bishop was a crazedleftist for years and obssessive Obama supporter, much like Chris Matthews, as well as deeply narcissistic, much like both Obama and Zennie Abraham, and without a conscience, much like Obama and Comrade Zennie.

Of course Comrade Zennie is now in full denial/retreat mode on his SF Chronicle blog. Now the crazed Amy Bishop is confusing and complex. Comrade Zennie is certainly quick on his feet, even for someone Michelle Obama is concerned about.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Socialist Killers Are OK

Zennie Abraham, affirmative action hire and one of the San Francisco Chronicle's blog writers, and, by the way, an absolute moron and who knows nothing about his alleged speciality, media and the web, thinks it is OK to kill someone so long as you are a socialist. Like the legions of Che proponents in the San Francisco area, Zennie thinks it is not murder that is immoral, just who commits the murder. Fat ugly lesbian professor, OK; white redneck from Alabama, not OK.

This just exempliflies what the left has become. Whether it is the hate mongers like Jeramiah Wright or the America haters like Baraka Hussein Obama, black people in particular very tolerant of violence, up to and including murder. Zennie typifies this with his doctinaire leftism and zeal for dead white people. They always whine that George Bush is a stone-cold killer, but then they rejoice in such blood-baths, praying for the day when the chickens have come home to roost.

Just you wait until Janet Reno Napolitano starts killing people. It will bring out the horrifying bloodlust of Al Sharpton and Chuckie Schumer. Then you will see that the U.S. government killing people ain't so bad, so long as the people dying aren't of color.

More Kabuki Theater Enforcement

The Obama non-enforcement strategy is to stop arresting illegal aliens and instead do audits of companies violating the law in hiring illegals. This enables illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. and after being dismissed by one company after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement audit and seek employment with another country, consequently allowing the illegal to remain in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty, which, hopefully, Scott Brown killed.

We have another example of how useless and wasteful the audits are. Gebbers Farm in Washington has been audited and 550 illegals have been dismissed. (h/t American Patrol ) However Immigration and Customs non-Enforcement did not arrest a single one of the illegals. But the worst news is that this audit began in 2008 under Jorge Bush. It has taken two years to force Gebbers Farms to fire the illegals, which, undoubtedly, Gebbers Farms' knew from the start were illegal.

So here we have it. non-ICE pretends to enforce the law. Companies pretend to care about illegals, and Obama pretends that a fake fence will do anything.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doing Something Right

If not temporarily. The Department of Veterans Affairs was for a short time reporting mentally incompetant and dangerous veterans who sought the services of the VA to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Of course gunrights groups are up in arms. They seem to think that someone who cannot take care of himself or is mentally ill can also responsibliy own a gun. Before anyone calls me a gungrabber, I am a supporter of gun rights, including opposing the illegal and unconstitutional prohibition on new fully automatic firearms and their excessive regulation and taxation. However I don't want some drooling submoron capping off rounds in my neighborhood.

Interestingly enough, no other federal agency reports similar violations of immigration laws to the Department of Homeland Security. Other federal agencies routinely interact with illegal aliens, but never report such criminals to the DHS and its investigative agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This failure to report illegals to DHS has an interesting correlation in DHS itself. The Shadow Wolves used to be part of the U.S. Customs Service and were members of the Tohono O’odham (non)Nation Indian tribe who tracked and captured drug smugglers for the U.S. Customs Service. After the creation of DHS they were transfered to the United States Border Patrol, but were transfered to Immigration and Customs Enforcement some years later. An incredibly stupid decision, since the Shadow Wolves duplicate the responsibilities and patrol responsibilities of the Border Patrol. Of course the relationship between the Border Patrol and ICE/Shadow Wolves is not good. When they were part of the the U.S. Customs Service when the Shadow Wolves caught illegal aliens, they just turned them over to the Border Patrol. Now, since they are part of ICE, the Shadow Wolves have to process any illegals they catch. Which is the fault of ICE, since ICE claims jurisdiction over illegal aliens caught within the U.S. away from the border. The Shadow Wolves are unhappy with having to act as ICE agents and process captured illegals, which keeps them out of the field. And spending hours interviewing, fingerprinting and such of illegals takes hours. Processing illegals is alot less fun as well than tracking drug smugglers. But it is sympomatic of an agency, ICE, that does not want to do its job, just like agencies like the Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Agriculture that just don't want to report illegals, but just give them benefits like free health care, food stamps, and back pay.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Impeach Judge Sam Sparks

Sam Sparks, a United States District Court Judge, has decided that he supports amnesty and opposes the Constitution's separation of powers. He also appears to be a lazy s.o.b. who doesn't like the workload that comes with a federal judgeship. Apparently he must have thought a federal salary and benefits is a sinecure and not a job that requires long hours and hard work. Probably a Demoncrat or a RINO.

On February 5, 2010, Austin issued an order to the United States Attorney John E. Murphy and the attending Assistant United States Attorney Garth R. Backe. As I have said before, working in the US Attorney's Office is a great job, since you determine your own work load. You can accept or decline cases at will and only the President can tell you otherwise. However Sam Sparks thinks he is the President instead of a District Court Judge. Apparently Sparks is a wannabee kritarch, and like the Constitutional scholar Baraka Hussein Obama, has never read the Constitution. He also appears to be jealous of the power and lesser work load of Assistant United States Attorneys who's cases are interfering with Sparks' tee time.

A quick perusal of the Constitution appears to give all executive power to the President and those inferior officers created by Congress, like United States Attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys. Their function is to bring and prosecute criminal cases in federal District Court. Sparks objects to this and demands in an order that despite a Grand Jury indictment or and Indictment or Information, the USA and USAOs presented to the District Court a separate rationalization for daring to bring a case to his courtroom for proceedings.

This is shockingly unprecedented and a serious violation of the separation of powers doctrine in the Constitution. The President and his subordinates are responsible for seeing that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed, not District Court judges.

But, as in most cases, there is more. Judge Sparks appears to be enraged by the United States Attorney daring to bring cases of illegal aliens who re-entered the United States after deportation in violation of 8 USC 1326, Re-entry After Deportation, a felony. Sparks is appalled that the illegal aliens being prosecuted and does not think that their crime should be prosecuted and that the prosecution is a waste of time, money and the resources of the District Court, the U.S. Marshals Service, the United States Attorney's Office, the United States Probation Office and the Federal Public Defenders Office. Aside from the fact that Sparks cannot speak for the same person who is bringing these cases, he cannot speak for anyone but himself. He does not represent the United States Marshal for the Western District of Texas, who is another subordinate of the President, nor for any other office. He does presume too much. But, more importantly, violates the separation of powers by this clearly illegal and unconstitutional order. Kritarch Sparks further describes prosecution of these innocents as a waste of taxpayer money. Well, since Congress has appropriated said funds for these prosecutions, then Kritarch Sparks is again out of line. It is the purview of Congress to decide whether to use our precious tax dollars for these prosecutions, not Kritarch Sparks.

If Kritarch Sparks is so concerned and opposed to prosecuting illegal aliens who violate Title 8 United States Code Section 1326, perhaps he should run for Congress and change the law to make it more amenable to his sensitivities. Or he should resign and seek appointment as the Obamessiah's new United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, or he should apply for a job as an Assistant United States Attorney where he can decline such cases. Lets hope in that case the USA is of the same mind or he might be out of a job.

But it appears that Kritarch Sparks does not want to risk an election or the rare chance of getting fired by a USA. He wants to rule this country with an iron fist in a velvet robe. Kritarch Sparks is a budding dictator. For that he should be impeached. Hopefully by the next Republican Congress, after they impeach the illegal alien Obama. But perhaps Kritarch Sparks knows something that we only suspect, and he is acting to protect illegal aliens in hopes of a judicial promotion by the illegal alien Obama.

But in any event I would like to see him squirming before an impeachment committee of Congress. Just like he enjoys making AUSAs squirm in his court.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Tale Of Two Crimes

In which one crime is investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office and the other is not investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and not prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office. You will discover that Baraka Hussein Obama is involved in both crimes. In one crime his aunt, Zeituni Onyango, illegally contributed $260 to his presidential campaign. Interestingly enough she is allegedly impoverished and on welfare, but she could afford to contribute such a strange and large amount of money for someone so impoverished. Most likely this was another crime as well, as she probably did not declare the source of this income on her welfare claim or she is just the conduit for a contribution of another person, also a crime. In the other crime James O'Keefe, an investigative reporter, was investigating the prostitute Senator Mary Landrieu, who was paid $300 million for her vote on Obamacare.

What separates the crimes is that one was allegedly committed by a white male and the other by a black female. Obviously race, sex, citizenship, and Obama were the primary factors in deciding whether to prosecute or not, as United States Attorney's Offices are free to prosecute or not. The FBI is free to investigate or not. No law says either must prosecute or investigate, respectively. It is a political decision, and, apparently, based on whether one is for or against Obama politically. Leftists complained when Nixon did this, but not when Obama does it or Clinton did it.

Just remember when Janet Reno Napolitano and Eric Holder let rip the dogs of war on law abiding white male Christian Americans in a repeat of Waco writ large.

If you have time, given the United States Attorney Carmen Milagros Ortiz at (617) 748-3100 and ask her why she is not prosecuting Auntie Zeituni and call Special Agent in Charge Warren T. Bamford of the FBI Boston Office at (617) 742-5533 and ask him why he did not assign a Special Agent from the Violent Crimes Squad to investigate Auntie Zeituni.

Inquiring minds want to know why such disparate treatment of two crimes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Sex Please, We Are Illegal Aliens

Immigration attorneys never stop in their effort to bring as many aliens to the U.S. as possible by hook or by crook. And mostly crook as they are a bunch of crooks.,0203-stevens.shtm Now we have immigration attorneys demanding green cards for aliens who arrive in the U.S. for marriage, but don't want to have sex with their spouses. And now that is OK with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It used to be that a sexless marriage was evidence of fraud. The alien pays an American to marry them or marries an American with fraud in their heart and a green card in their eyes. In both cases the alien spouse generally refuses sex and soon abandons their American spouse. Now in the above case we don't have the gory details, but most likely the alien from Peru defrauded her husband just to get that green card, using all sorts of excuses for not having sex, impotence, a dog in the house, and physical abuse. Clearly this marriage was fraudlent from the start, the accusation of abuse is usually a huge red flag. But this case exemplifies the USCIS' cooperation with fraud. Many moons ago the INS was quite agressive about marriage fraud and cases like this would have ended up in deportation proceedings. But slowly both the late INS and new USCIS as well as Congress and the courts have turned the tables on American victims of marriage fraud. Now the aliens have the upper hand and immigration attorneys are billing many hours as a result.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prosecuting A Non-Crime

Much has been said about the recent incident with James O'Keefe and the atempt by him and his confederates to video in the office of Senator Mary Landrieu. Having read the affidavit by the assigned Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Steven Rayes, there is insufficient evidence of any of the crimes described.

First, 18 USC 1035, Entry By False Pretenses on Federal Property. There was no attempt to enter on false pretenses, as in the affidavit there is no evidence or interview of a witness that either O'Keefe or his confederates made any false or misleading statement when entering the Hale Boggs Federal Building. Visitors to federal buildings are screened before they enter and are not asked their purpose when entering. Visitors just show identification and go through a magnatometer (metal detector). While Joseph Basil and Robert Flanagan did enter an office in the building and say they were here to repair the allegedly non-working telephones, they were already in the Hale Boggs Federal Building and already in Landrieu's office. Therefore, there can also be no conspiracy to commit that crime. 18 USC 2 Aiding and Abetting

Nothing in the affidavit described any action realted to 18 USC 1362 Destruction of Telecommunications Systems. Basil and Flanagan did ask for the telephone room, but the affidavit did not describe any intent and capacity to commit any destructive act.

Clearly, this was a political indictment by the U.S. Attorney's Office. James Letten, the United States Attorney (USA), was a Republican appointee, but he was clearly angling to retain his position by indicting a public figure, James O'Keefe, who was a thorn in the Obamessiah's side. and

While the MSLSD story suggests some intent to do some sort of sabatoge, the affidavit in support of a probable cause arrest does not show probable cause of any crime, other than a well known journalist and investigative reporter's team members dressing up. There is no information here that suggests evidence that a crime was committed, which is why the United States Attorney decided not to go to a grand jury. While most Assitant United States Attorneys, of which Letten was one for many years, including being a First Assistant United States Attorney, say they could indict a ham sandwich, it is unlikely that grand jurors would have voted for a true bill in this case. Basically this case was not even a ham sandwich. It did however blow up in Letten and Obamessiah's faces.

Which leads us to the obvious. Why was an FBI agent from the Violent Crime Squad assigned to this case? It is obviously a white collar crime and should have been assigned to that unit. Is Special Agent Rayes a Demoncrat and politically reliable? Was no one from the White Collar Squad going to touch it because it was obviously not a crime?

United States Attorney's Offices (USAO) generally refuse to prosecute most federal crimes. They have the authority to pick and chose the crimes that are taken to court. Why was this at best victimless crime accepted by the USAO? Don't they have more important things to do? How many illegal aliens escape prosecution for crimes? All USAOs have what is called a mandatory minimum for loss in a fraud, theft, and drug crimes by which they limit the number of cases involving drugs, fraud and theft that each office prosecutes. What is the mandatory minimum of the Eastern District of Louisiana (EDLA)? How many drug, fraud, and theft crimes are refused because they are under the mandatory minimum? How many other crimes were not prosecuted they the USAOEDLA? Many I would suspect. They obviously took alot of time out of their busy day to prosecute this political crime. A crime of exposing the lies of Senator Mary Landrieu.

Every reader should understand that the USAOEDLA took specific steps to prosecute this case, and not prosecute other cases because of that decision. It must be asked of Letten why? And other than being reappointed as USA, I can see no other reason.