Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comrade Zennie Moves On

Communist blogger Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle has moved on from his Obama based defense of the Alabama killer Amy Bishop. As you all remember Comrad Zennie said the white racist rednecks of Alabama drove her over the edge. Well, she was certainly over the edge and information comes out daily that she was completely nuts. And completely incompetant as an instructor. She apparenlty could only read out of the text book. That was the extent of her teaching ability. Well, this should come as no surprise as she was obviously a beneficiary of affirmative action, just as Comrade Zennie is. He is paid by the Chronicle only because he is black and parrots the talking points of the DNC. Comrade Zennie is a useless blogger who besides reguritating whatever leftwing claptrap he read that morning, concentrates on Hollywood gossip, sort of like a low-rent TMZ. Leftists like Comrade Zennie and Amy Bishop like to claim that they are intellectuals, but they really are sub-literate morons obsessed with white celebrities. Hollywood gossip and celebrity birthdays? Real hard hitting journalism and cutting edge use of the internet. Just look at this post by Comrade Zennie attacking CNN for daring to do a poll about Obama that might reflect negatively on Obama. And he attacks the Clinton/Obama hack David Gergen for daring to criticize the Dear Leader. And ends with a claim that Obama deserves a second term. Just more proof of the rampant racism in the black community that they will attack even whites who support Obama and the Clintons. And here he is pandering to Billy-Jeff Bentpecker. And he tries and weasel his way into supporting Tibet, even though Billy-Jeff, Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum were bought and paid for by Red China long ago. And war profiteers in Iraq as well.

And just what has Zennie moved on to? Well, another one of his racist tirades against white people and a old white man who stood up to a black thug on a bus in the black crime center of Oakland. Basically a couple of black thugs went wilding on an old white guy, who had the temerity to stand up and fight back. Of course Comrade Zennie and his ilk are claiming the old guy had it coming because he claims the old white guy said something about shining shoes. Really? Are black people in Oakland have such short tempers and no self control that one just has to mention shoe-shine and they go off? They better check with the black shoe shine guy in Frank Ogawa Plaza, across from Oakland City Hall about that.

Interestingly enough Comrade Zennie takes the claim of a black woman, whom he does not identify by name, Iyanna Washington, who may have stolen the old white man's bag, at face value: "First, she says that she did not take the bag that belonged to the Old White Man. iyannaw08 says that she took the bag to the front of the bus and left it for the authorities when they arrived. "

However, CBS 5 News reports: "Video shows Washington grabbing the older man's bag and carrying it to the back of the bus while somebody says, 'Go through that.' But Washington told KPIX that she didn't steal anything. 'Why would I steal the guy's bag?' she said. 'I picked the bag up, I placed it on the seat and that was the end of that. When I got off the bus the bag was still on the bus.'" (h/t Crime and Federalism, a liberal blog by the way,

Of course, the old excuse "Why would I do it?" is a common response by criminals trying to deflect from answering for their crime. The response of an innocent person is not why would I do something, but I did not do it.

Note that Washington was refering to the white guy as "pinky," one of the widely used racist terms for white people used in the black community.

Of course leftists don't like it when people stand up against attacks, and especially don't like it when people like David Gergen or anonymous old white men on buses stand up like Bernie Goetz.

This sums it up. Comrade Zennie and his fellow leftists don't like it when you resist, just as the Tea-Party people are all racists for opposing Obama. So it is when black-on-white crime is resisted, leftists explode. They are so irrational even David Gerghen is a racist, even though he worked for Billy-Jeff Bentpecker that Comrade Zennie so loves and is jealous that he can't get tickets to the worship service at UC Berkely for old Bentpecker.

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