Monday, February 15, 2010

Comrade Zennie Replies

Well, Comrade Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle has replied in full denial mode. The man who blamed Alabamans for the murderous behavior of a New England communist and Obama worshiper is a tad upset. I am his equivalent of Oberdouche's Worst Person In The World or whatever the Douche says about the non-communist du jour. For some reason this San Francisco Democrat, if you catch my drift, brings up the death penalty and says he is opposed. What a strange thing to say in your defense when you blame the white people of Alabama for a crazed Democrat murder, who not only killed her colleagues, but her brother and tried to bomb another professor some years ago. And, was, of course, protected by a Kennedyesque Democrat prosecutor.
(h/t Gateway Pundit )

According to Comrade Zennie, it was the white people of Alabama who caused her to do it, but all the evidence shows that Amy Bishop was a crazedleftist for years and obssessive Obama supporter, much like Chris Matthews, as well as deeply narcissistic, much like both Obama and Zennie Abraham, and without a conscience, much like Obama and Comrade Zennie.

Of course Comrade Zennie is now in full denial/retreat mode on his SF Chronicle blog. Now the crazed Amy Bishop is confusing and complex. Comrade Zennie is certainly quick on his feet, even for someone Michelle Obama is concerned about.

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Zennie Abraham said...

You're identified as a White Supremacist. I'd hoped there would be a chance to have a debate on issues. One of us, at least, does not hide behind the Internet. If you ever want to show who you really are, that will be a good thing. Anonymous harassment is a Federal offense.