Monday, February 22, 2010

Dealing With Devil

Or lying down with dogs, you eventually pay the piper. How is that for mixing metaphors? This is a story about Sikhs beheaded by Muslims for not converting to Islam. (h/t Weasel Zippers) Not so shocking, as that is typical behavior by Muslims. Except that Sikhs appear to be committing suicide, not by living in Pakistan, though that is probably not a good idea, but by allying themselves with radical Islamists. (h/t Pajamas Media) It appears at least one Sikh knows where the danger comes from, if most American Sikhs don't. But even most UK Sikhs have their heads in the sand. Under Islam the only Sikhs around will be beheaded ones.

Of course this points out the futility of any alliance by pro-freedom groups with persons of color, who are more concerned about fighting the man, that with their own survival. It is similar to the futility of pandering to homosexuals, who are closely aligned with radical Islam even though under Islam they would be executed. Face it, people of color are more concerned with fighting against whitey and homosexuals more with their sexual fantasies to provide any assistance in the fight against radical Islam.

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