Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Takes A Texan

The United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Murphy has stood up to the amnesty crowd and an enemy of the Constitution wearing judges robes, and served up a heaping helping of Texas legal whoopass. A kritarch if there ever was one, Sam Sparks, United States District Court Judge, wants to be the one to rule us all by edict from the bench. Sparks was given a good ole Texas horse-whipping in Murhpy's prayer to the court. If Sparks were not a pinko commie queer, he would have resigned and ran out of town with his tail between his legs, but it looks like the upcoming Republican Congress will have to do the job by removing his brainless lying ass from his judicial office for defying the Constitution of the United States. One would think that a graduate of an accredited law school, but it was the commie run UTLS, would know about separation of powers, but then perhaps he is a smart guy like Comrade Erwin Chemerinsky. God preserve us from GHWB court appointees.

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