Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Evidence Against Even Model Minority Immigrants

Goodwin Liu is the child of immigrants, just as Major Nidal Hasan was, reports and now an nominee to the U.S. Goodwin Liu wants to be on the 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiles. Goodwin Liu is very successful in the United States. But apparently his success was not his abilities, but affirmative action. And he wants to ensure that he and those of his and other non-white races don't have to compete with white Americans. He is a member of Chinese for Affirmative Action. Chinese for Affirmative Action supports Red Chinese espionage, discrimination against white people, racial balkanization, and the replacement of English as our national language and paternity. Why does Goodwin Liu hate white people? Why does he support "race concious actions by government" directed against white people?

"Goodwin Liu, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said the door was open just enough for districts with the political will to do so to continue to attempt race-conscious efforts to maintain diversity. 'It’s going to be worked out on a district-by-district basis,' said Mr. Liu, who is the co-director of the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity at Berkeley’s law school. 'Districts that are very committed to integration will continue to try to achieve it. It is fundamentally an issue of political will.'” Would this be a Triumph of the Will over the Constitution?

Why does he love criminals? Because he supports black-on-white crime?

What did some white American do to him to make him so angry at white Americans? Why does Goodwin Liu think that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does not provide rights to white Americans? Why does Goodwin Liu support racial discrimination against white Americans? No colorblind society for Goodwin Liu. "At last, can we have our colorblind cake and eat it too? Probably not." Was he harrassed on the school yard by non-whites as Obama was in Indonesia and wants to take it out on white Americans? Is that the origin of his hatred of white people? What is it with minority immigrants that cause them to be filled with such hate? Why doesn't Goodwin Liu just go back to Taiwan and impose affirmative action on the Taiwanese rather than exercise his deep seated racial hatred on Americans. Just where in the Constitution does it say that white Americans can be discriminated against? Goodwin Liu thinks our Founding Fathers were racist slave owners, but those same Founding Fathers and the writers of the 14th Amendment wrote a Constitution and 14th Amendment to enact affirmative action against white Americans. Where is there evidence of this? More importantly why do white Republicans continue to support immigration if this is what we are saddled with?

Goodwin Liu is also a political hack, who attacked Chief Justice John Roberts and testified against Justice Samuel Alito. I guess he hates Catholics as well as white people.
He wants to impose his leftist ideology using lies about the law, policy and results. A racist with a chip on his shoulder. Clearly Goodwin Liu is so obssessed with affirmative action because he feels inadequate. We just don't need racists like Goodwin Liu in this country. And political payback should be a bitch.

Goodwin Liu is a leftist activist not a scholar. From praising ACLU lawyers, to membership in leftist groups like the American Constitutional Society, to co-director of taxpayer supported leftwing political group, Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Diversity at the University of California, Berkeley which produces leftwing propoganda, not legal scholarship, Goodwin Liu is not an unbiased judge, but an activist. Racist Democrat groups support his appointment as well as individual racists looking for racism everywhere, even Breakfast at Tiffany's. Apparenlly Liu believes in the living Constitution, as opposed to the actual Constitution, which means whatever Goodwin Liu says it means.

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