Sunday, February 14, 2010

Socialist Killers Are OK

Zennie Abraham, affirmative action hire and one of the San Francisco Chronicle's blog writers, and, by the way, an absolute moron and who knows nothing about his alleged speciality, media and the web, thinks it is OK to kill someone so long as you are a socialist. Like the legions of Che proponents in the San Francisco area, Zennie thinks it is not murder that is immoral, just who commits the murder. Fat ugly lesbian professor, OK; white redneck from Alabama, not OK.

This just exempliflies what the left has become. Whether it is the hate mongers like Jeramiah Wright or the America haters like Baraka Hussein Obama, black people in particular very tolerant of violence, up to and including murder. Zennie typifies this with his doctinaire leftism and zeal for dead white people. They always whine that George Bush is a stone-cold killer, but then they rejoice in such blood-baths, praying for the day when the chickens have come home to roost.

Just you wait until Janet Reno Napolitano starts killing people. It will bring out the horrifying bloodlust of Al Sharpton and Chuckie Schumer. Then you will see that the U.S. government killing people ain't so bad, so long as the people dying aren't of color.


Zennie Abraham said...

This is without a doubt, the nuttiest, dumbest, most ignorant, and just plain WRONG blog post I've ever happened to run across. To even think that I want or condone the loss of anyone's life (I'm not a death penalty backer) is baseless. If you read this, then stick with your point of view, you're not dealing an honest deck. Period.

Federale said...

Leftists always get upset when they get called out. Read and weep.