Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stalinists Against The First Amendment

The Stalinists more commonly know as Demoncrats are at it again, led by Harry Reid's kind of light skinned Negro California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. They want to arrest, kill or expel from the University of California, San Diego, any person they disagree with. Communists are all agaga at the temerity of UCSD students mocking the thug culture of Compton which gave us gangstas like Ice-T, Ice-Cube, Snoop Dog, and 2Pac Shakur. Racial bolsehviks of all colors are on the warpath because of this, including Comrade Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle. He says it is racist and white people should be forced to have black friends. Please note that Zennie's boss at the Chron has few black friends, so he should be careful. White leftists are just as segregated as other whites, if not more so. However, nothing about the party was racists. It did play to gansta culture stereotypes, but anyone with even the most itinerant knowledge of LA black culture of the Compton area knows that everything the flyer for the party is true. Comrade Zennie just doesn't want to acknowledge it. I would suggest Comrade Zennie and the Harry Reid light skinned Negro Karen Bass try driving around Compton for a while. They will see black men dressed in a uniform of oversized white T-shirts, baggy jeans and white as snow sneakers. That is a factual statement. While Comrade Zennie and Harry Reid light skinned Negro Karen Bass may dress up in suits, they defend and applaud the gansta culture that kills alot more black people than any racist whites have done in the past 30 years, perhaps the last 100 years. I myself deal with the gansta culture and the flyer is spot on regarding gangsta culture. The problem Comrade Zennie complains about and his solution is not more black friends for the white liberals and homosexuals that manage the SF Chronicle, but a change in black culture.

Of course, neither is the solution of the government engaging in a pogrom of white students at universities either. First, what are they going to investigate? Someone exercising their Constitutional rights? What is the legal basis of that? Is UCSD authorized to investigate the use of the First Amendment? I don't think so. Is the Assembly of the State of California authorized to investigate the use of the First Amendment? I don't think so. As a matter of fact leftists complained when the State of California investigated terrorists in the 60s, claiming that sedition, treason, and draft dodging were protected by the Constitution.

But, as we all know, the first tendancy of the Demoncrat Party and leftists in general is Stalinist. It is to intimidate, harrass, arrest, jail and execute any opposition to their ideology, especially any whites or Christians. That is the reason the left is so supportive of radical Islam, because the Islamists target whites and Christians as well. Theirs is a marriage made in the last circle of Hell. And they will not be happy until they drive you to your death. Or shot your wife, dog and son. And burn down your church.

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