Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stalinists At It Again

What is it with minorities? Why can they dish it out, but can't take it? Do they understand the concept of the 1st Amendment? The apparatchiks at University of California San Diego do not approve of ridicule of the over-reaction by minorities to the UCSD off campus party that mimicked the gansta culture of Los Angeles. Apparently we have appointed Indian immigrants to police thought and speech at the University of California San Diego. The Stalinist thug Gupta, obviously cut from the same minority cloth as Comrade Zennie Abraham, claims that funding for student mediawas not done because of the content of the speech, which would make it unconstitutional:

"'Associated Students President Utsav Gupta suspended funding for about 15 of the school's 33 student-funded media outlets to avoid the impression that he was judging content. He said Koala or any other outlet may continue to publish, just without student funding.

"'Some students are drawing the incorrect conclusion that this is muzzling free speech," he said in an interview. "The right to free speech does not equate to a right to funding.'"

But the Stalinist later states that the funding will only return when speech he does not approve of is never allowed to return:

"In a letter posted on a new university Web site to address recent racially charged incidents on campus, Gupta said the organization 'will only open (the TV station) again when we can be sure that such hateful content can never be aired again on our student funded TV station.'"

Just who appointed Gupta the Commissar of Speech? And since he works for the government, funding decisions must be content neutral. I wonder if Comrade Erwin Chemerinsky of the UC Irvine School of Law will be filing a lawsuit to protect freedom of speech? Call Hugh Hewitt and ask: 1(800) 520-1234 or email and ask about his "smart guy." And where is the ACLU? Don't hold your breath.

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