Monday, February 22, 2010

Strike Against Liberty

The not so secret Stalinists of the left have arrested someone for speaking out against immigration and radical Islam. The English Defense League had organized a protest in Scotland in support of the Scottish Defense League, but the Labour Party Stalinists would not allow it. Of course, like at Waco and Ruby Ridge, the Stalinists used all available force to effect an arrest using excessive force. The Stalinists did not want any demonstration in Scotland against Islam and fear any public event that undermines their rule. Leftists are against freedom of speech, just as I have documented with the petty Stalinists of the San Francisco Bay Area and their blogger Zennie Abraham of the San Francisco Chronicle. No one is allowed to oppose diversity, immigration or Baraka Hussein Obama. This is how the leftists in America want to respond. Of course the English are defenseless; unarmed and vulnerable, they have lost their heritage of an armed yeomanry. Of course here we can resist, but the Obama Regime wants to end your ability to do what the English cannot do.

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