Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spot On

My analysis of the issue of the Christmas Day Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has been confirmed. (h/t The Skeptical Bureaucrat)

The money quote:

"Officials said the consulate supervisor who authorized Abdulmutallab's visa concluded that he had strong ties to Nigeria and no derogatory information in his background and that his inaccurate answer about having been denied a visa might have been based on a misunderstanding.

'When that judgment was reviewed, the supervisor concluded that this was not a willful misrepresentation and that he had the intent of returning home after visiting the United States,' one official explained.

The official said a key factor in the supervisor's reversal was that the student came from a prominent and trusted family in Nigeria and had no record of wrongdoing."

Which brings us to the discussion of the issue in the diploblogs. The apologists are emphasizing that Abdulmutallab was not making a "material" false statement when he denied ever being denied a U.S. visa in their defense of the indefensible.

From the WaPo story:

"Abdulmutallab first applied for a U.S. visa in Lome, Togo, but was told that he needed to apply closer to his place of residence in Nigeria. He returned to Lagos and filed an application that stated incorrectly that he had never been denied a visa, leading a consular official to deny him one."

The apologists are saying that the lie, yes a lie, was not "material" because the lie was discovered by the computerized tracking of his visa applications. (Interesting in itself as the apologists are claiming that "variations" on the spelling of his name are the reason that the Consular Officer in Lagos was unable to discover that he had a visa issued from London when his father reported that he might be a terrorist. But let us not quibble with the apologists.) So, why ask the question if the Department of State already knows the answer? Well, because honesty is something we expect from visa applicants. It is in the law and the applicants are warned on the form that a lie will result in a denial and possible criminal prosecution.

In fact, the initial denial from Lome, Togo was highly material. First, it was material in that for some reason this citizen and resident of Nigeria applied in Togo. No reason for this, unless he was a permanent resident of Togo, which he was not. The reason he applied in Togo was that he thought he would receive less scrutiny in Togo for some reason. Most likely because he was already radicalized and feared exposure by applying in Nigeria. Unfortunately it appears that neither his father or the Nigerian intelligence and police officials knew about his radicalization, most likely because his father was himself a Muslim who supports radical causes and the incompetence of Nigerian intelligence officials. The apologists are emphasizing that he returned after his 2008 trip to Houston. However, that trip was to participate in a radical Sunni Islamist meeting. Since he got the visa in 2004, if he was an innocent traveller why didn't he come before then? Clearly he was radicalized much sooner than during his studies in London.

Second, it was material because it was both an obvious untruth, with there being no reason to lie about it other than believing that to tell the truth would result in another denial, which is most likely, and it reflects on his character and undermine any other statement on the visa application. Giving visas to liars is not the job of Consular Officers. Why, because liars are likely to lie about their intent in the U.S. This lie made Abdulmutallab subject to denial for fraud. It also made his deniable for being unable to overcome the presumption that he was an intending immigrant, like so many other Nigerians who overstay their visas.

The most important aspect of the "materiality" issue is that a similar question is asked of Visa Waiver Program applicants for admission to the U.S. On the CBP Form I-94W Admission Departure Record a question is asked about whether you have applied for a visa and been denied. If you answer in the affirmative, you will be denied entry into the United States. So, as we see, the "materiality" issue is a smokescreen for the appologists.

We find the real reason at the end of the WaPo story, a great surprise for this propaganda organ. The money quote:

"The official said a key factor in the supervisor's reversal was that the student came from a prominent and trusted family in Nigeria and had no record of wrongdoing." (Emphasis mine!)

There it is, in black and white, because he was from a rich and powerful family he was issued a visa. If he had not been from a rich or powerful family, then he would have been denied. The apologists are going to kill us, sooner or later.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drug Fiends

And immigration. In its continueing saga of the sinless deportee, the NYT's has another sob story, this time about a two-time drug criminal who doesn't want to go back to Haiti. The big debate is how State drug convictions are reconciled with their federal equivalent. Of course, this is foolish. Previously convictions were convictions, but now they have to be reconciled with equivalent federal convictions with a similar conviction in different states treated differently depending on the federal court they are in. The obvious solution is the just view any conviction as a conviction and the alien removed depending on whether the crime is drug related, a crime involving moral turpitude, an aggravated felony or multiple convictions. It doesn't really matter, but in the case of Jerry Lemaine he was clearly not a dealer, but he was a user. And there as the bard says, lies the rub. He is deportable for being a drug user as well, not just for his criminal convictions. See this:

Sec. 212. [8 U.S.C. 1182]
(a) Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission.-Except as otherwise provided in this Act, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:
(1) Health-related grounds.-
(A) In general.-Any alien-
(iv) who is determined (in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services) to be a drug abuser or addict, is inadmissible.

Why are we wasting time to find out how the Supreme Court deals with this case? It is irrelevant how it should be treated depending on which Circuit the case is in. He is removeable because he is a drug addict as well. And how could he take care of a child if he was in jail for three years? That story line is clearly fabricated.

Sound And Fury.....

...Signifying nothing. That is the response of the United States to the Black Widows bombing in the Moscow subway. The response of New York City is to send overweight cops into the subways with assault rifles (yes, the selective fire M-4 carbines that they carry are assault rifles). The 5.56mm NATO cartridge is hardly the appropriate cartridge for close quarters combat inside a crowded subway car. But, I digress. The real problem is not the flatfoots...ehhrrr Hercules Team, but the sheer pointlessness of displays of firepower when there is a better response. (Just tell me what this officer could do in a suicide bomber situation. He can't even move his M-4 the subway car is so crowded) Undercover teams with pistols ready and able to kill a suicide bomber. A fully uniformed cop in battle rattle can be easily seen and therefore easily avoided by a suicide bomber positioning himself or herself for maximum casualties. The display of force is just more Obama boob-bait for bubbas, a great wailing and flailing about to make the public think the government is doing something about the threat of suicide or other bombers on public transporation.

There are only three options for public security: 1) The French option where large numbers of officers are deployed as they were during the bombing scares in Paris and previously in Algiers. All persons are physically searched at checkpoints or during surprise spot inspections. This disrupts the bombers plans and reduces the bomber's choice of targeted location. And it includes torturing suspects, which is also effective.

The second is the Brit/Isreali option of highly trained officers or special operators working undercover with authority to use deadly force at a seconds notice on suspected terrorists. The Isrealis have been very successful, but the Brits not so much, as witness what happened when they mistakenly shot John Menenez, an illegal alien from Brazil during one such operation soon after the 7/7 London bombings who failed to stop when ordered by officers. However, had Menenez been Abdul, it would have been an effective operation.

The third effective option is stop and question, but in NYC that results in catching alot of criminals, which is good police work, but does burden the operation with too many collateral arrests not related to counter-suicide bomber operations. It is of course also attacked as profiling, but in the Moscow case, the profiling would have worked as it is reported that the Black Widows and their handlers were obviously from the Caucasuses. Profiling does work, however Eric Holder doesn't like that. He prefers dead Americans.

So, we have chosen a fourth and failed option, ineffective displays of force that are designed to do nothing. Winston Churchhill is said to have remarked that Americans will try all available options then chose the one that will work. However how many will die because the police here cannot face the reality of Islamic terrorism until it is too late?

Of course there is a fifth option that the Russians use...

Islam Is Rape And Murder

Does Hugh Hewitt understand that? How about that Islam in the Caucuses Hugh? Are these Arabs or Chechnyans?

Monday, March 29, 2010

White Celebrity Obsessed Blogger At It Again

Zennie Abraham, of the soon to be bankrupt San Francisco Chronicle, is at it again. No, not claiming all white people are racist (except for the crazy woman who used to dance in the parking lot of a grocery store) not threatening other bloggers with arrest by the FBI, but on his favorite obsession, white celebrities. Of course, in this case, he has his race angle, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James (no, not the real Jesse James who killed Yankees in the name of States Rights and the 10th Amendment), and the tattooed "Nazi-bikini-wearing" Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Of course, one is not certain if Michelle is a Nazi or she just wears Nazi bikinis. Given that the bikini is a French invention, I don't think the bikini is the alleged Nazi. I am almost certain that Michelle knows nothing about National Socialism, which Zennie seems to love, at least the Socialism part. Perhaps he is an International Socialist? Of course, Zennie probably doesn't know the difference, because whether you are dead from Zyclon B or an AK bullet in the back of the head is of no consequence. But he does think the FBI should be the NKVD, protecting the sensitivities of distinguished personages such as himself from whitey. What is more concerning is his following of Miley Cyrus. Why is a middle-aged man so concerned about an actress who portrays a pre-teen girl? Enquiring minds want to know!

Of course it is all whitey's fault, even the "new" Oaklanders who seem to fear Oakland's black criminal class and appear to be self-segregating. Apparently Oakland has been being invaded by the descendants of the Klu Klux Klan in the last ten years, which is an awful strange place for white flight to head off to. His solution is that Oakland should make a "Statement" that Oakland is hate free. Unmentioned is the hate speech from Oakland's Black Muslims who recently murdered a black journalist and the black run police department that backed off investigating their crimes, but Zennie is more concerned about whites avoiding becoming like Chauncey Bailey, gunned down in the streets. Apparenlty all was well and good before 2001, when the racist white people were fleeing Oakland, when the city was the center of culture and life. Oakland was sweetness and life between 1977 and 2000 under two black mayors, who precided over the decline and emptying of Oakland. During those years downtown Oakland was a no-go zone for white people, as was most of Oakland, except for the hills. They gave us the Black Muslims, the Black Panthers, and more crime than any other city its size.

The Obama Amnesty Confirmed

The Washington Post has confirmed the Obama Amnesty exists. (h/t Center For Immigration Studies) But all is not well in the Department of Homeland Security. There appears to be blowback directed at Janet Reno Napolitano who promised huge increases in the removal of criminal aliens, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been unable to deliver. ICE has been unable to deliver because the ICE Office of Investigations has stopped immigration law enforcement and left it to ICE Detention and Removal Operations. ICE DRO is the smaller of the two, and consquently deportations are down 33%. ICE DRO is panicking because they had developed a target of 400,000 total deportations this year and despite a 40% increase in deportations of criminal aliens, they will only reach 310,000 deportations this fiscal year, down from 387,000 total deportations last fiscal year. Of course, this is all meaningless if there are between 11 and 20 million illegals here, much less the huge numbers of legal immigrants who are deportable for various reasons. The crux of the problem is that deporting a criminal is not as easy as the Washington Post claims. They quote an unidentified agent from the ICE DRO San Francisco office, hhhmmm, I wonder who that is, who claimed that ICE DRO officers (by the way, ICE OI has agents, ICE DRO has officers.) are concentrating on "easy" deportations of drunk drivers and other minor crimes rather than making a case against a legal resident with multiple criminal convictions.

Well, this is a strange source, as whoever it is is completely incorrect. What perhaps he meant to say is that an alien unlawfully present and discovered in the custody of a state prison system or local jail is easier to remove than a legal permanent resident (LPR) with a criminal conviction. The Post is not clear on this, but in any event, "easy" is a relative term. The paperwork that an officer completes for either is about the same. The difficult part is whether an alien will fight his removal. While it is "easy" for an LPR to fight deporation, it is not cheap or fast. But an alien unlawfully present can also fight deportation on many of the same grounds as an LPR. An illegal alien can claim asylum, can fight the deportation with an attorney, can either be or get married to an LPR or American citizen, and can claim that deportation will have a negative impact on a relative. As a matter of fact, an LPR with multiple criminal convictions has little claim on not being removed except if he can afford a good immigration attorney. It is the ICE Office of Counsel that has to do most of the work in deportations, the officers just fill out a few forms and send the completed file to the Office of Counsel.

Of course, the smart illegal in this situation, especially if he is illegal and not yet convicted, such as those in pre-trial detention, will accept deportation, just to be able to come back as soon as possible. Without the fence, there is little to keep them out, and Obama is cutting the Border Patrol, resulting in more illegals entering, including those previously deported.

But in any event, convincing the low hanging fruit encountered in state prisons and local jails will not produce much, except in those jurisdictions using Secure Communities or 287(g) authority, or those like Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County who exercise their inherent authority to enforce federal law, as there just aren't that many illegals in custody somewhere in the U.S. Most illegals, like most other criminals, are not caught for their crime, but are out roaming the U.S. Neither ICE OI or DRO are making any effort to arrest any illegal alien not previously arrested or living with an illegal previously arrested. ICE is completely ignoring the real low hanging fruit who use the Social Security Number 000-00-0000 on their paychecks or use non-existent SSNs that the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service know about right now. How about we start there and send ICE agents and officers out to arrest those illegal aliens? They would get to 400,000 illegal aliens in about one month of operations.

Of course, ICE and Janet Reno Napolitano don't want to do that. But they will have to accept that the public will soon learn about the Obama Amnesty that is ongoing as we speak.

Here is the Obama Regime's response to the fear in ICE DRO that they will not make their numbers:

"ICE spokesman Brian P. Hale distanced the agency from Chaparro's remarks, saying, 'Portions of the memo were inconsistent with ICE, inconsistent with the administration's point of view and inconsistent with the secretary.' He added that the agency has moved to 'clarify' the situation."

Basically, the Regime's position is that no illegal aliens should be arrested. ICE has got the message, sort of, as there still appear to be some law abiding patriots left. But I think James M. Chaparro's days are numbered, unless he is convinced to drink the Obama Kool-Aid.

Another reason that the deportation process has slowed is the failure of the Obama Regime to implement the use of expited removal of criminal aliens. The law gives DHS the authority to remove criminal aliens without use of the immigration court process, but neither Bill-Jeff Bentpecker, Jorge Bush or Baraka Hussein Obama have implemented expidited removal for criminal aliens since the law was enacted in 1996.

What I would like to know is what portions of Chaparro's email or memorandum are "inconsistant" and what part of the law they are inconsistant with. Remember, Obama took an oath to faithfully administer the laws of the United States. Not to ignore some. Can anyone say impeachment?

As an aside, the ICE DRO officers are paid less than the ICE OI agents, GS-12 for Deportation Officers (and the even lower paid Immigration Enforement Agents, GS-11 a lower paid version of the Deportation Officer) and GS-13 for Special Agents, even though DOs and IEAs do alot (scroll down) more work than agents, who, by the way, waste millions of dollars every year using their government provided vehicles commuting to and from work. Not only are they paid more but they have a free commute courtesy of the taxpayer. In general, ICE Special Agents are a useless bunch, more concerned about a complaint letter from the public for arresting someone than doing their job. Most federal agencies get little or no cooperation from ICE SAs as they are constantly making up reasons for not arresting an illegal alien than acutally makeing an arrest.

UPDATE: 04/01/10

While John Morton, Assistant Secretary for ICE and his spokesmouth Hale have said the "memo" was withdrawn and replaced, there does not appear to be any evidence that either the e-mail, not a memorandum, from Chapparo has been superseded nor has the evauluation standards memorandum for IEAs. No one has seen the superseding memorandum or other written instructions.

UPDATE: 04/01/10

Chapparo's rather obsequious sort-of limited modified hang-out semi-reversal. Keep following the rules that support the amnesty. Sort of:

"To be clear, ICE employees should continue to enforce immigration laws and this memorandum should be not construed to prohibit the removal ofother aliens unlawfully in the United States."

So, just what is ICE DRO policy? Will you reach the targeted 400,000 aliens deported and the legal mandate to keep all beds filled? Who knows. Time will tell.

However, Morton's memorandum to Field Office Directors of DRO is quite clear and actually contradicts Chapparo's memorandum. Morton does not consider aliens enountered in jails to be criminals unless they have been convicted of a crime. So those arrests will not apparently count for some reason. This is even more shocking when Morton doesn't even consider it a crime to enter the United States illegally. Apparently the crimes of entering without inspection, Title 8 United States Code Section 1325 Entry Without Inspection and comming fraud against the United States during an application for admission, Title 18 USC 1001 False Statements, Title 18 USC 1546 Misuse of Visas, and Title 18 USC Section 1015 False Statement in Immigration Proceeding, are not crimes. Nice to have a leader of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who does not consider it a crime to violate federal criminal law.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fat Bums Complain

About farmers who are loosing money on their strawberries. As usual, fat, lazy, and mostly black welfare recipients are complaining that farmers are in financial difficulties. I don't think these lazy welfare recipients are acually buying anything. But they certainly have nerve complaining they are not getting more free food.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey Hugh

How about this one? A question for you, is Islam inspired by God? (h/t Islamization Watch)

More Bad News About Islam

For Hugh Hewitt and his Islam outside of Arabia is a Religion of Peace, and shutting down Protestant churches in moderate Indonesia. (h/t Islamization Watch)

Fired For Sort Of Doing Her Job

The Bay Area Rapid Transit District has fired a police officer of color for sort of doing her job. Sort of. Marysol Domenici was one of the BART police officers who responed to a gang fight on a BART train early morning New Years Day. The officers were outnumbered by a hostile crowd of hooligans and gangbangers who had taken over a BART train and were fighting. During the near riot a thug, Oscar Grant, was accidently shot by an officer. The video clearly shows that the officer though he was using his Tazer to subdue the resisting Grant, but he drew and fired his pistol instead. A tragic accident, where the trajedy is the character of Grant, who thought that fighting on trains and resisting the police were acceptable behavior. Well, he paid the price for the thug life.

The reason for Domenici's termination are not clearly known, as BART refuses to release the details for the firing, except that the black law firm they hired to do their internal investigation recommended termination. Meyers Nave specializes in attacking white police officers and is used by many governmental organizations who refuse to conduct their own investigations as they are required to do by law. Usually in a high profile case or in a case involving a shooting, a local agency uses the internal affairs unit of another agency, the county sheriff's office homicide unit, or the FBI to conduct the investigation. In this case neither the FBI or the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division thought there was an issue. It was clearly a mistake. But for the record if the BART PD's Internal Affairs Unit could not handle it, the investigation should have been turned over to another law enforcement agency, not a law firm with an agenda.

But in this case, as I pointed out, this part of the Grant case revolves around unqualified women on the department, rather than any misconduct by police officers. Domenici is a petite woman who is unable to hold her own in a situation that requires subdueing suspects larger than herself. She is obviously unable to make an arrest of someone who is resisting and cannot even hold her own defending herself. She needed other officers to protect herself. She was useless in this violent and fast moving mini-riot. Watch the videos and her fear is readily apparent. Had there been a qualified male officer there, most likely Grant and the other thugs would have been most likely quickly subdued. But BART has to hire females and they just don't work out well on the street in real-life situations.

But that is not why she is being fired, she is being fired for trying to do the job she was not qualified for, arresting rioting thugs on BART trains. They claim she exaggerated the danger of the situation, but for a petite woman like her, the danger was palpable and had there not been male officers there to protect her, rather than assist in subdueing Grant, she would have been likely injured severely or killed. You can't do policing on the cheap, you have to pay for the right kind and the right number of officers. Or just go back to the 50s and allow cops to administer justice on the street so as to discourage criminal behavior. We had alot fewer cops then, but alot less crime. Think about it.

Punished For Telling The Truth

San Francisco's new Police Chief George Gascón is in hot water for telling the truth about the potential for Islamic terrorism. His exact words are not known, but he stated that San Francisco's large Muslim population is providing cover for terrorists. Of course he is being assailed for stating that all Muslims are terrorists. Which is not what he said. All he said was that the large Muslim community in San Francisco is providing cover for terrorists. It is well known that all the mosques in San Francisco have a terrorist presence, whether it be Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah or any of a myriad of Muslim terrorist groups. The left is claiming that no Muslims are terrorists, because they believe like Jorge Bush that Islam is a religion of peace, but Muslim communities all over the world provide cover for terrorists and San Francisco is no exception. Some years ago a local commie rag had an article attacking the FBI and legacy INS for trying to recruit a member of the Masjid Al-Tawheed, a Yemeni mosque in San Francisco, because, obviously, the mosque was a center for jihadis. One only has to pass by the mosque to watch the hard men coming and going with short hair, long beards, no moustaches, and baggy Pakistani and Arab style clothing to know that something is up. What most Americans don't know is that Al Queda and other terrorist groups operate openly in the United States thanks to immigration from terrorist sponsoring countries and the R visa that brings radical imams here to proselytize and radicalize. The Chief is worried about San Francisco's lack of physical preparedness for terrorism and let the truth slip out in that politically correct city. The Hall of Justice where SFPD and the local criminal courts are located are particularly vunerable as there is no setback or wall to protect it from a car bomb. Of course the left is relying on a modes vivendi with the terrorists, don't kill us, kill those evil white Christian heterosexuals in Walnut Creek instead of us and we will protect you from arrest in this sanctuary city. Of course, the only agreement is on the side of the leftists. The Islamists will have no problem attacking a diversity city, just as it did to NYC or London, two other sanctuary cities.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Terrorists Get Here

It has come out that the Christmas Day Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, had his application for a visitor's visa in 2004 originally denied by a Department of State Consular Officer, but the officer was over-ruled by his supervisor, and Adulmutallab was issued a visa, a visa which he used to attend a terrorist support group meeting in Houston.

This comes as no surprise, since that is usually how terrorists and illegal aliens enter the country. They are in many cases denied benefits, such as visas, or denied entry at a Port-of-Entry by a Customs and Border Protection Officer, or denied a benefit by an Immigration Services Officer at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. However, it is just as usual for a supervisor at all of those organizations to overturn a decision and give a benefit to the illegal alien, whether it is a visa, entry to the U.S. or adjustment in the U.S.

USCIS, DOS, and CBP have one mission only, to give benefits to aliens. CBP is not concerned with stopping terrorists, illegal aliens or nuclear weapons entering the United States, but with wait times at the border. USCIS is only concerned about taxpayers footing the bill for aliens, not terrorism. And, of course, the Department of State gave us the 9/11 killers as well as the Christmas Day Bomber. Obviously it will be no solution to give the visa issuing authority to DHS as they are part of the problem.

So you think your government cares whether you live or die? Think again. But at least everyone will have healthcare coverage for when the next attack comes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Again, I Warned You

With the passage of Obamacare, the left has started on the new immigration horror story, a physician shortage. There is no job that Americans will do, even practice medicine. And the plan is to replace them with Islamist doctors who will kill you, one way or another. They are doing it in the UK and I warned you.

Some More Facts About Islam

For Hugh Hewitt who thinks that the Arabs are the problem, not Islam. Church burnings in Bangladesh, a Muslim country. And Holocaust denial by Muslim Turkey. (h/t Islamization Watch) Not to mention threats of ethnic cleansing by Muslim Turkey.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One More In The Continueing Saga

Of why Hugh Hewitt is a moron. Hewitt was interviewing Lee Smith about his book The Strong Horse and both he and Smith were running in circles on how to explain that Arabs will never have democracy, constitutionalism, civil rights, and free enterprise. (Sorry, behind a paywall and it doesn't appear to be on his transcripts either.) However, in their contortions they were claiming that this Arab tendancy to dictatorship and infighting was "cultural" and not either racial or Islamic, as there is no such thing as bad racial characteristics or there is no such thing as race and Islam is a religion of peace. Hewitt went on to say that Islam outside of Arab countries is A-OK, except in Afghanistan where there is a tribal problem, but that is it, not Islam itself. He went on to say there are no problems in Islam in other Muslim countries like Turkey or Indonesia. Apparently Hewitt has not kept up on the news about honor killings in Turkey, the routine burnings of churches and murders in Nigeria, the beheading of teenage girls in Indonesia, or church burnings in Malaysia. The problem is either Islam or that Islam is the creature of Arab culture. Hewitt wants to claim that Islam, a creature of Arab culture, is immune from negative attributes, but the Arab culture of the strong man is entirely attributable to Arab culture. The problem with Islam is world wide, in every culture that it dominates. It is inane to debate Arab culture isolated from Islam. Perhaps if Arabs became Christian and had their culture influenced by Christian principles and practices, they would be more amenable to democracy and civil rights. Maybe, maybe not. Given that only the English speaking people have mastered it and its decline in English speaking countries is entirely attributable to the negative influence of diversity, multiculturalism and non-white immigration, I am not so sanguine. But it would be a moderator. Just think of Mexico dominated by Islam instead of Catholicism. Now that would be a mess, sort of like Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or Egypt, or ..........

Hugh Hewitt is desparate not to be labled a racist or Islamophobic. And that takes away from the important message of Smith's book, that what we have and inherited from our Founders is not exportable to the world. Since not even the French have mastered it, then I don't expect the Arabs to master it either. But I don't equate the two, nor do I think that the extremism of Arab culture can be separated from Islam. Islam feeds the worst part of human nature. In fact it is close as one gets to the outright pagan human sacrifice as practiced by the Carthigians and the Hindu cult of Thuggee and suttee. Hewitt is internalizing the radical left critique that all criticism of third world cultures and Islam is racist. He has surrendered and sacrificed his intellect.

Another Reason For The Deficit

Entitlement thinking from lazy federal bureaucrats. Get this, in the military, then onto a federal law enforcement job where he retires at 80% of his salary after twenty years, and now he says he is disabled because of an injury in the military from over 20 years ago. Why was he in a law enforcement job if he was disabled? What a welfare queen. I have personal knowledge of a similar case. Guy had military time, 25+ years as a Secret Service Agent, retired, got a second federal law enforcement job that allowed him to keep collecting his 80% retirement in addition to the current salary of over $145k and qualified for a second retirement at 30% of base salary, then claimed disability from a "back injury." LOL what a scam. Now he will be collecting an 80% retirement plus a disability retirement at almost 100% of his second job's base salary.

The Amnesty Continues

Liberians, since 1991, have been protected from deportation, first by Deferred Enforced Departure, then by Temporary Protected Status. That protection has been extended again by another order of DED until September 30, 2011. Both programs are similar, both are lies. One is not temporary and the other is not departure. The two programs are Newspeak, freedom is slavery, war is peace, departure is staying, temporary is permanent. It is how your government lies to the people who are paying taxes and who's country this is to cover how Americans will pay for their own displacement. Of course, this is all to make sure that Liberians are all here for the amensty. Not as if any of them would have left if their temporary status expired. All would remain illegally anyway. But this way they get more welfare benefits. And free healthcare.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama Destroys More Jobs

The Hump has closed, jobs were lost, and for no other reason than Obama likes Japanese beef, but not Japanese whale.

More Fake Hate Crimes

This time more lies from racist John Lewis, black man. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Of course, Comrade Zennie Abraham, fresh from pandering to white actors and actresses, is laying it on thick.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Arrest Has Been Made

But for what crime, no one has any real idea. We don't even know the race of the "perpetrator," but he is a juvenile. Apparently it is for "harrassment" and "bias crime" which are both pretty vague. Who is the victim? And what bias? "All black people please leave the store now" is hardly any threat. Especially if the store management appologized immediately. A joke, perhaps in bad taste, but no threat or harrassment. Since they are keeping the race of the boy so very, very quite, there is a very good chance he is black. We all know that no newspaper of record ever identifies a criminal as black, but routinely do for whites.

But the local Chekist wants to make a name for himself. '"This was an extremely disturbing event on many levels," Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton said at a news conference. "Any statements like these that can cause harm or grave concern must be addressed as quickly we possibly can."'

Why? There was an immediate apology. No one was hurt. It was a prank. Is Sean Dalton going to arrest all the rappers who shout nigga? Or all the blacks who use "pinkie" or "cracker" on a daily basis? Probably not.

And, as you can expect, the money grubbing Al Sharpton wannabees are on the attack, claiming that this is a routine occurance at this Wal-mart.
"Some community members said Saturday that they've heard reports of similar incidents happening at the store in recent months that were not reported to police.

"'We are concerned about that, and we're looking into these incidents. We want to work with the community to make sure these types of incidents don't happen,' said Loretta Winters, president of the Gloucester County chapter of the NAACP."

Obviously Loretta Winters is looking to score some swag from Wal-mart, perhaps some big cash donations for the local race hustlers as well. Not to mention the lawyers who will be filing suit in 3...2....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lesbians Just Like Men

Ellen Degenerate has just tried to purchase the affections of a much younger woman. I thought the official policy was that homosexuals were superior to us breeders?

The Shape Of Things To Come

The future is now in the UK. Companies are now openly discriminating against native Britons, openly advertising that English speakers will not be hired. (h/t EDL) And no, this is not for a translator job, but a factory job. Only Polish speakers allowed to apply. Just as our Department of Justice and EEOC condone discrimination against English speakers and whites, soon it will be that the only people allowed to work will be those who speak Spanish.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Latest Real And Fake Hate Crimes

You decide. Just who was it who made an announcement in a Wal-mart store that asked all black people to leave? Most likely it was a black person looking for some green from Wal-mart, much like other fake hate crimes. The media was of course all over the Wal-mart allegation. Even UK papers. But it ignored the real hate crime where the Obama Regime filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court supporting the university system efforts to discriminate against white people. The media ignored this story because whites are the victim and Obama is the great racial healer, rather than the racist he is. White peoples' greed indeed. That is the real Obama.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

TSA's Lords Of Discipline

Ruben Hernandez, theTSA officer who allowed the Chinese man to evade security at an exit at Newark and caused a shutdown of the whole terminal will not be terminated, only "disciplined." At first I was surprised, as TSA acutally is one of the more agressive federal agencies in the area of discipline. They probably terminate more employees each year than any other agency. They certainly are the most agressive in that area in the Department of Homeland Security. Just the opposite of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is interesting in that ICE agents are required to testify routinely in federal courts, and any misconduct can make them useless in cases that go to court. ICE agents dominate the Department of Justice Giglio lists of agents who cannot be used in court. ICE agents are just not terminated unless they kill and rape someone. Corruption, incompetance, lying, those are accepted behavior in ICE. Customs and Border Protection though is close to TSA in that arena, but not as agressive.

At first look, TSA says that Hernandez is a great employee, and that appears to be why he is not being terminated. But in reality, look no further than his last name. Like most other agencies, TSA is short on Hispanics, they are just not qualifying for employment because of their lack of education, high number of inelligible aliens and illegal aliens, low scores on testing, and high rates of criminal activity. Also Federal Security Directors, the heads of TSA at airports, are political appointees and the Bush Administration packed those positions with people of color, even if they were Democrats, especially Hispanics. Supposedly there is a shortage of Hispanics in the federal government. This appears to be affirmative action discipline, which is quite common throughout the federal government.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Department Of Homeland Security At Work

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that Greece has been added to the Visa Waiver Program where aliens can enter the U.S. without visas on business or pleasure and stay for 90 days. Greece is notorious for its corrupt government officials and is suffering an economic collapse because of government overspending, very similar to an Argentinian economic collapse that resulted in its removal from the VWP. Greece is also amnestying millions of illegal aliens, many from terrorist sponsoring countries. This will result in an increased terrorist threat to the United States and increased illegal immigration. It is only an organization as incompetant as DHS that would bring Greece in the the VWP at this time. Millions of Greeks, both new and old citizens will flee to the U.S. and increase the demand for an amensty and compete with Americans for jobs during our Great Recession.

Nippon Leads The Way

On treatment of asylees and illegal aliens. Leftists are playing the same game in Japan that they are in the U.S. They relentlessly propogandize on the immigration issue, exaggerating, lying and misrepresenting the issue. In Japan the left wants to destroy indigenous Japanese culture and replace it with third world diversity. Apparently Japan has a shortage of car thieves, so the left wants them imported from Pakistan. However the Japanese will have none of it. The most recent hit piece in the Japan Times was better written and researched than most pieces in the U.S., with the reporter actually pointing out that the illegal alien complaining of an incredulous beating had no marks on his body to support the claim of a beating so vicious he flew into the air from kicks underneath him:

"'In no second or minute, I was in the air with showers of kicking under my back, blows on my stomach,' Ssentamu later wrote in a letter sent to The Japan Times, Amnesty International and several other organizations that deal with refugee and asylum issue.'

Kicked so hard he was floating in the air like a soccer ball. Not likely.

Much similar to claims in the U.S. for their incredulidity, the claims in Japan have no real basis in fact. The Japanese reaction is much more intelligent. The Japanese only approve 6.5% of asylum claims, and because of that the number of claims is much smaller, 3,292. Given the fact that 99% of asylum claims in the U.S. are fraudulent, but we approve about half of all claims, even the Japanese are erring on the side of the alien, but it does show that detention of asylum seekers deters others. Demanding a real bond before any release is also helps sort the wheat from the chaff. Here we release asylum applicants with no bond, unless they are whites from Europe. In those cases they go straight to jail.

But, just as we attract the criminal class, so does Japan. Just how many car thieves does Japan need? About as many as America.

Hate Crime By Black Muslims

Is not being investigated by the City and County of San Francisco and not being investigated by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. It shows one that blacks and Muslims are not equal before the law, but above the law. It shows us that white Christians are not equal before the law, but held to be inferior to others, those others being blacks and Muslims. And that is all good with the Demoncrat Party, the party of blacks and Muslims. Chris Daly knows who his supporters are and he backs them to the hilt. Why doesn't someone give the Civil Rights Divsion a call?

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Criminal Section, PHB, Washington, D.C. 20530
(202) 514-3204
(202) 514-8336 (fax)

A Hyphenated American

Is not an American at all.

This why: '"I'm an American, a Muslim and a Pakistani," explains Chaudhry, who repairs computers and runs an export business. "It's who I am. It's hard not to think about it -- my own race being killed. Innocent people . . . it's kind of like saying 'My people are doing this to my people. My American people are doing this to my Pakistani people.' It's so hard."'

One cannot serve two masters. You are either American, first, last and always, or you are not. You are then a Pakistani and a Muslim. You will then go on jihad and kill Americans. This is the end of any view other than American, first, last and always. Any division of loyalties results in disloyalty to America. Immigrants need to learn this. There is no such thing as mixed loyalties, there is only either-or; either an American or not. It is clear that most immigrants are not.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blacks Refuse To Buy Black Barbies

Hilarity and accusations of racism ensue. (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Who Said Muslim Immigrants Were Loyal?

Not Main Khalid Al-Qudah. (h/t Atlas Shrugs , Weasel Zippers and WND)

Sushi, The New Federal Crime

While southern California is overrun with crime caused by illegal aliens and the drugs they import, the United States Attorney's Office has other priorities. The importation and serving of very expensive and delicious whale meat. I have dealt with the USAO for the Central District of California before and they routinely refuse to prosecute most federal crimes. How some whale sushi at a small restaurant got their attention when Americans are being murdered is unconsionable. The Mexican Mafia is on the march again. Apparently unfazed by the incompetant USAOSDCA, who failed to ask for and get the death sentence for the Mexican terrorists in the Hawaiian Gardens cases, ethnic cleansing by the Mexican Mafia continues under the very nose of the Department of Justice. Their real interest is stopping people from eating perfectly delicious mammals. Apparenlty for some reason eating some mammals from Japan is OK, like Kobe beef, but some others are apparently a federal priority, unlike ethnic cleansing. Also not a priority in the USAOCDCA is fraud in federal programs, re-entry after deportation, and drug dealing under 100 kilos.

Monday, March 8, 2010

And Is This Racist?

Is it? Waiting to hear from Comrade Zennie..........

Need A Reason To Keep Homosexuals Out Of The Military?

How about sexual harrassment of subordinates? (h/t Ace of Spades HQ)

Some Patriot At Work

I warned about the appointment of Alan Bersin as Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. Hopefully someone on the Senate Finance Committee or its staff read my warning about the FOB and political hack who decimated immigration law enforcement prosecution while United States Attorney for the Southern District of California. Apparently he is being held up, all for the better for the United States, except that the acting Commissioner is David Aguilar, Mexican Bushbot lackey. But again, fortunately, acting bosses don't get to make major decisions, and CBP is apparently on cruise control, just doing its job as best its employees can. Better that than active mismanagement and misdirection from a Clintonian operative.

Heard Any Complaints?

I haven't. And it tells me that Immigration and Customs (non)Enforcement is not really doing anything about finding these 300 odd Somali jihadis. If IC(n)E was actively looking for these terrorists, then they would also be making alot of collateral arrests of other Somali illegals here. But there have been no complaints about IC(n)E arrests. That is the metric of ICE activity. No arrests, no complaints, no problems. Lots of arrests, lots of complaints, lots of problems. Which path do you think the average IC(n)E bureaucrat is following now on this ostensibly important investigation? The easy way. The way that will result in a Somali led attack in the United States soon. Brought to you by Baraka Hussein Obama and Janet Reno Napolitano. Remember, you read it here first.

Enforcement Free Zones

Apparently, besides schools, American embassies, and churches, the Census is also a place for terrorists to hide, or at least hide their information. The Obama Regime, in its endeavor to provide amnesty to as many illegal aliens as possible, has told the illegal aliens and the terrorists hiding amongst them that Census data will not be used against them, despite the fact that the Patriot Act clearly makes that information available. The principle of law is that a more recent act over-rides a previous act if the more recent act establishes a clear principle of law, even if the more recent law does not specifically mention that a previous act is repealed. The lawless Obama Regime, pandering to alien groups, decided otherwise. So, to Osama Bin Ladin, fill out your form. It will be available in many languages as well. All for your convenience. And rest assured, Obama will do nothing to catch you if you fill out the form.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

For Those Who Think...

...making fun of Compton is racist. Let's compare. Any questions? Is it racist? Where is Comrade Zennie?

American Sikhs Quiet About Forced Muslim Conversion Of Sikhs

So very quiet. No surprise there. American Sikhs are the but boys of radical Islam in the United States. They are more concerned about winning huge lawsuits against schools than the real threat of radical Islam. And they certainly don't want to be known as Americans. They want to be separate. Well, if you want to be separate, then leave.

Leftists Quiet About Homophobic Hate Crime

Why? Because the hate crime was committed by Muslim immigrants of color. If it were a bunch of white guys, it would be all over CNN and Anderson Cooper would be outraged. But since being violated by an Arab is actually a gay sexual fantasy, they just swept this under the rug, or put it in the closet.

What Are We Paying ICE For?

Absolutely nothing. ICE decided that it would not enforce the laws of the United States and decided to allow three illegal aliens to remain in the U.S.

"'We understand they have a pending application' for legal residency, said Virginia Kice, regional spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 'This delay will hopefully give the Washingtons an opportunity to address those legal issues.

"'We'll see where this stands at the end of 60 days and then reassess,' Kice said. 'Let's allow the legal process to play out.'"

However there is no legal process to play out. The Washingtons submitted their application for adjustment of status after her status had expired. They no longer have any legal process to go through. Anything other than a denial from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services would be illegal. Aliens admitted on the Visa Waiver Program cannot adjust their status after their period of admission expires. That is the law. Any approval by USCIS would be illegal. In any event their application for adjustment of status is invalid and has been denied already. So Virginia Rice is lying. There is no application. Case closed. Deport them now.

Nor does ICE have the authority to not take action. They are required by law to take action and remove Tracey Washington and her children forthwith.

Someone should call the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General and let them know that ICE is breaking the law. Contact their Oakland Office at (510) 637-4311 / Fax: (510) 637-4327.

Or ICE Office of Professional Responsibility at (510) 465-5052. 1111 Jackson St, Suite 555
Oakland, CA 94607 Fax (510) 465-3174.

It appears that USCIS initially refused to review the application, but then said they would. Which is also illegal. Give USCIS Office of Special Investigations a call at (202) 514-3636.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comrade Zennie Epic Fail

Well, the infamous Compton Cookout's organizer is now public. It is a black man, Jiggaboo Jones (h/t Nation of Cowards) We are all waiting for comment from Comrade Zennie Abraham. Still waiting..................waiting............still waiting............. Methinks we will be waiting until hell freezes over, because leftists never apologize.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Is Also Racist?

Asking a corrupt power mad black man to resign.

Ethnic Studies Is Pass But No Fail

The bankrupt San Francisco Unified School District is offering a hate whitey ethnic studies course for ninth graders that awards 6 semester university credits from San Francisco State University. However, given the target demographic, it is graded Pass. Those who do not pass are just removed from the class. There is no possibility of failure and no grade. And for a university that bills itself for the "....2.1 or 2.2 students," which gives one to wonder why SFSU exists at all, of for the failing below average student. Especially given their record graduating black students. Wow, 6 semester units where the usual number of semester units for a upper division or graduate level course is 3 units. But, again, given the targeted demographic, they need the 6 free units. Methinks that they are going to fail, but then they are set up for it, even when the standards for the class are reduced to not university level work, but to 12th grade work. Just ask Monet Cathrina-Rescat Wilson, who despite years of diversity propoganda in the SFUSD, doesn't know black people have any achievements, even Willy Brown the black former mayor of San Francisco. But she does have four names, and a hyphenated name. She must be real high class, clean, articulate, light-skinned black with no Negro dialect unless she wants one. Just ask Harry Reid and Tail Gunner Fighting Sheriff Joe Biden.

Liars And Baby Waivers

There is another case of shameless baby waiving by illegal aliens. An Australian woman, Tracy Washington, met an American, Charles Washington, in Austalia. She then came here to live with him, but entered on the Visa Waiver Program, not an immigrant visa. She lied when she came here, claiming that her intention was tourism, but in reality she came to get married, and avoid the legal immgration process. She brought her thug son with her, who proceeded to attack and rob another child at school. The thug was arrested and reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE then found out that after her arrival and marriage, the couple refused to file the proper paperwork for her and her children to remain. They claim two different things, first that he had to save up the money, then that they called US Citizenship and Immigration Services twice and were told they can file their paperwork even after her period of admission expired. Obviously not true, but also contradictory. Either you could afford it or not. And since the liar Charles Washington is a San Francisco Muncipal Railway driver, he certainly can afford a few hundred, not a few thousand, dollars for the legal process of filing the paperwork. MUNI drivers are overpaid and under worked. They get very generous salaries and excellent benefits. So, it appears that Charles Washington just doesn't think the law applies to him, a common refrain from an oppressed minority.

Another Minority Fake Hate Crime

The noose that was found hanging in the UC San Diego library was hung by a minority. Another example of a fake hate crime used by minorities to riot, then demand more money and benefits from whitey. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Interestingly enoughh, the UCSD police are investigating, but what exactly are they investigating? Is it illegal to leave a piece of rope in a library in California? What part of the California Penal Code is that a violation of? And just where is Comrad Zennie now? He apparently doesn't consider this important enough to comment on. But he does comment on his favorite subject, the cultural comfort zone of white people. But we do get some of his low-rent brown nosing of white people from Hollywood.