Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Amnesty Continues

Liberians, since 1991, have been protected from deportation, first by Deferred Enforced Departure, then by Temporary Protected Status. That protection has been extended again by another order of DED until September 30, 2011. Both programs are similar, both are lies. One is not temporary and the other is not departure. The two programs are Newspeak, freedom is slavery, war is peace, departure is staying, temporary is permanent. It is how your government lies to the people who are paying taxes and who's country this is to cover how Americans will pay for their own displacement. Of course, this is all to make sure that Liberians are all here for the amensty. Not as if any of them would have left if their temporary status expired. All would remain illegally anyway. But this way they get more welfare benefits. And free healthcare.

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