Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Reason For The Deficit

Entitlement thinking from lazy federal bureaucrats. Get this, in the military, then onto a federal law enforcement job where he retires at 80% of his salary after twenty years, and now he says he is disabled because of an injury in the military from over 20 years ago. Why was he in a law enforcement job if he was disabled? What a welfare queen. I have personal knowledge of a similar case. Guy had military time, 25+ years as a Secret Service Agent, retired, got a second federal law enforcement job that allowed him to keep collecting his 80% retirement in addition to the current salary of over $145k and qualified for a second retirement at 30% of base salary, then claimed disability from a "back injury." LOL what a scam. Now he will be collecting an 80% retirement plus a disability retirement at almost 100% of his second job's base salary.

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