Monday, March 8, 2010

Enforcement Free Zones

Apparently, besides schools, American embassies, and churches, the Census is also a place for terrorists to hide, or at least hide their information. The Obama Regime, in its endeavor to provide amnesty to as many illegal aliens as possible, has told the illegal aliens and the terrorists hiding amongst them that Census data will not be used against them, despite the fact that the Patriot Act clearly makes that information available. The principle of law is that a more recent act over-rides a previous act if the more recent act establishes a clear principle of law, even if the more recent law does not specifically mention that a previous act is repealed. The lawless Obama Regime, pandering to alien groups, decided otherwise. So, to Osama Bin Ladin, fill out your form. It will be available in many languages as well. All for your convenience. And rest assured, Obama will do nothing to catch you if you fill out the form.

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