Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ethnic Studies Is Pass But No Fail

The bankrupt San Francisco Unified School District is offering a hate whitey ethnic studies course for ninth graders that awards 6 semester university credits from San Francisco State University. However, given the target demographic, it is graded Pass. Those who do not pass are just removed from the class. There is no possibility of failure and no grade. And for a university that bills itself for the "....2.1 or 2.2 students," which gives one to wonder why SFSU exists at all, of for the failing below average student. Especially given their record graduating black students. Wow, 6 semester units where the usual number of semester units for a upper division or graduate level course is 3 units. But, again, given the targeted demographic, they need the 6 free units. Methinks that they are going to fail, but then they are set up for it, even when the standards for the class are reduced to not university level work, but to 12th grade work. Just ask Monet Cathrina-Rescat Wilson, who despite years of diversity propoganda in the SFUSD, doesn't know black people have any achievements, even Willy Brown the black former mayor of San Francisco. But she does have four names, and a hyphenated name. She must be real high class, clean, articulate, light-skinned black with no Negro dialect unless she wants one. Just ask Harry Reid and Tail Gunner Fighting Sheriff Joe Biden.

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