Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Hyphenated American

Is not an American at all.

This why: '"I'm an American, a Muslim and a Pakistani," explains Chaudhry, who repairs computers and runs an export business. "It's who I am. It's hard not to think about it -- my own race being killed. Innocent people . . . it's kind of like saying 'My people are doing this to my people. My American people are doing this to my Pakistani people.' It's so hard."'

One cannot serve two masters. You are either American, first, last and always, or you are not. You are then a Pakistani and a Muslim. You will then go on jihad and kill Americans. This is the end of any view other than American, first, last and always. Any division of loyalties results in disloyalty to America. Immigrants need to learn this. There is no such thing as mixed loyalties, there is only either-or; either an American or not. It is clear that most immigrants are not.

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