Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Liars And Baby Waivers

There is another case of shameless baby waiving by illegal aliens. An Australian woman, Tracy Washington, met an American, Charles Washington, in Austalia. She then came here to live with him, but entered on the Visa Waiver Program, not an immigrant visa. She lied when she came here, claiming that her intention was tourism, but in reality she came to get married, and avoid the legal immgration process. She brought her thug son with her, who proceeded to attack and rob another child at school. The thug was arrested and reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE then found out that after her arrival and marriage, the couple refused to file the proper paperwork for her and her children to remain. They claim two different things, first that he had to save up the money, then that they called US Citizenship and Immigration Services twice and were told they can file their paperwork even after her period of admission expired. Obviously not true, but also contradictory. Either you could afford it or not. And since the liar Charles Washington is a San Francisco Muncipal Railway driver, he certainly can afford a few hundred, not a few thousand, dollars for the legal process of filing the paperwork. MUNI drivers are overpaid and under worked. They get very generous salaries and excellent benefits. So, it appears that Charles Washington just doesn't think the law applies to him, a common refrain from an oppressed minority.

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