Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nippon Leads The Way

On treatment of asylees and illegal aliens. Leftists are playing the same game in Japan that they are in the U.S. They relentlessly propogandize on the immigration issue, exaggerating, lying and misrepresenting the issue. In Japan the left wants to destroy indigenous Japanese culture and replace it with third world diversity. Apparently Japan has a shortage of car thieves, so the left wants them imported from Pakistan. However the Japanese will have none of it. The most recent hit piece in the Japan Times was better written and researched than most pieces in the U.S., with the reporter actually pointing out that the illegal alien complaining of an incredulous beating had no marks on his body to support the claim of a beating so vicious he flew into the air from kicks underneath him:

"'In no second or minute, I was in the air with showers of kicking under my back, blows on my stomach,' Ssentamu later wrote in a letter sent to The Japan Times, Amnesty International and several other organizations that deal with refugee and asylum issue.'

Kicked so hard he was floating in the air like a soccer ball. Not likely.

Much similar to claims in the U.S. for their incredulidity, the claims in Japan have no real basis in fact. The Japanese reaction is much more intelligent. The Japanese only approve 6.5% of asylum claims, and because of that the number of claims is much smaller, 3,292. Given the fact that 99% of asylum claims in the U.S. are fraudulent, but we approve about half of all claims, even the Japanese are erring on the side of the alien, but it does show that detention of asylum seekers deters others. Demanding a real bond before any release is also helps sort the wheat from the chaff. Here we release asylum applicants with no bond, unless they are whites from Europe. In those cases they go straight to jail.

But, just as we attract the criminal class, so does Japan. Just how many car thieves does Japan need? About as many as America.

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