Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One More In The Continueing Saga

Of why Hugh Hewitt is a moron. Hewitt was interviewing Lee Smith about his book The Strong Horse and both he and Smith were running in circles on how to explain that Arabs will never have democracy, constitutionalism, civil rights, and free enterprise. (Sorry, behind a paywall and it doesn't appear to be on his transcripts either.) However, in their contortions they were claiming that this Arab tendancy to dictatorship and infighting was "cultural" and not either racial or Islamic, as there is no such thing as bad racial characteristics or there is no such thing as race and Islam is a religion of peace. Hewitt went on to say that Islam outside of Arab countries is A-OK, except in Afghanistan where there is a tribal problem, but that is it, not Islam itself. He went on to say there are no problems in Islam in other Muslim countries like Turkey or Indonesia. Apparently Hewitt has not kept up on the news about honor killings in Turkey, the routine burnings of churches and murders in Nigeria, the beheading of teenage girls in Indonesia, or church burnings in Malaysia. The problem is either Islam or that Islam is the creature of Arab culture. Hewitt wants to claim that Islam, a creature of Arab culture, is immune from negative attributes, but the Arab culture of the strong man is entirely attributable to Arab culture. The problem with Islam is world wide, in every culture that it dominates. It is inane to debate Arab culture isolated from Islam. Perhaps if Arabs became Christian and had their culture influenced by Christian principles and practices, they would be more amenable to democracy and civil rights. Maybe, maybe not. Given that only the English speaking people have mastered it and its decline in English speaking countries is entirely attributable to the negative influence of diversity, multiculturalism and non-white immigration, I am not so sanguine. But it would be a moderator. Just think of Mexico dominated by Islam instead of Catholicism. Now that would be a mess, sort of like Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or Egypt, or ..........

Hugh Hewitt is desparate not to be labled a racist or Islamophobic. And that takes away from the important message of Smith's book, that what we have and inherited from our Founders is not exportable to the world. Since not even the French have mastered it, then I don't expect the Arabs to master it either. But I don't equate the two, nor do I think that the extremism of Arab culture can be separated from Islam. Islam feeds the worst part of human nature. In fact it is close as one gets to the outright pagan human sacrifice as practiced by the Carthigians and the Hindu cult of Thuggee and suttee. Hewitt is internalizing the radical left critique that all criticism of third world cultures and Islam is racist. He has surrendered and sacrificed his intellect.

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