Friday, March 26, 2010

Punished For Telling The Truth

San Francisco's new Police Chief George Gascón is in hot water for telling the truth about the potential for Islamic terrorism. His exact words are not known, but he stated that San Francisco's large Muslim population is providing cover for terrorists. Of course he is being assailed for stating that all Muslims are terrorists. Which is not what he said. All he said was that the large Muslim community in San Francisco is providing cover for terrorists. It is well known that all the mosques in San Francisco have a terrorist presence, whether it be Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah or any of a myriad of Muslim terrorist groups. The left is claiming that no Muslims are terrorists, because they believe like Jorge Bush that Islam is a religion of peace, but Muslim communities all over the world provide cover for terrorists and San Francisco is no exception. Some years ago a local commie rag had an article attacking the FBI and legacy INS for trying to recruit a member of the Masjid Al-Tawheed, a Yemeni mosque in San Francisco, because, obviously, the mosque was a center for jihadis. One only has to pass by the mosque to watch the hard men coming and going with short hair, long beards, no moustaches, and baggy Pakistani and Arab style clothing to know that something is up. What most Americans don't know is that Al Queda and other terrorist groups operate openly in the United States thanks to immigration from terrorist sponsoring countries and the R visa that brings radical imams here to proselytize and radicalize. The Chief is worried about San Francisco's lack of physical preparedness for terrorism and let the truth slip out in that politically correct city. The Hall of Justice where SFPD and the local criminal courts are located are particularly vunerable as there is no setback or wall to protect it from a car bomb. Of course the left is relying on a modes vivendi with the terrorists, don't kill us, kill those evil white Christian heterosexuals in Walnut Creek instead of us and we will protect you from arrest in this sanctuary city. Of course, the only agreement is on the side of the leftists. The Islamists will have no problem attacking a diversity city, just as it did to NYC or London, two other sanctuary cities.

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