Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sound And Fury.....

...Signifying nothing. That is the response of the United States to the Black Widows bombing in the Moscow subway. The response of New York City is to send overweight cops into the subways with assault rifles (yes, the selective fire M-4 carbines that they carry are assault rifles). The 5.56mm NATO cartridge is hardly the appropriate cartridge for close quarters combat inside a crowded subway car. But, I digress. The real problem is not the flatfoots...ehhrrr Hercules Team, but the sheer pointlessness of displays of firepower when there is a better response. (Just tell me what this officer could do in a suicide bomber situation. He can't even move his M-4 the subway car is so crowded) Undercover teams with pistols ready and able to kill a suicide bomber. A fully uniformed cop in battle rattle can be easily seen and therefore easily avoided by a suicide bomber positioning himself or herself for maximum casualties. The display of force is just more Obama boob-bait for bubbas, a great wailing and flailing about to make the public think the government is doing something about the threat of suicide or other bombers on public transporation.

There are only three options for public security: 1) The French option where large numbers of officers are deployed as they were during the bombing scares in Paris and previously in Algiers. All persons are physically searched at checkpoints or during surprise spot inspections. This disrupts the bombers plans and reduces the bomber's choice of targeted location. And it includes torturing suspects, which is also effective.

The second is the Brit/Isreali option of highly trained officers or special operators working undercover with authority to use deadly force at a seconds notice on suspected terrorists. The Isrealis have been very successful, but the Brits not so much, as witness what happened when they mistakenly shot John Menenez, an illegal alien from Brazil during one such operation soon after the 7/7 London bombings who failed to stop when ordered by officers. However, had Menenez been Abdul, it would have been an effective operation.

The third effective option is stop and question, but in NYC that results in catching alot of criminals, which is good police work, but does burden the operation with too many collateral arrests not related to counter-suicide bomber operations. It is of course also attacked as profiling, but in the Moscow case, the profiling would have worked as it is reported that the Black Widows and their handlers were obviously from the Caucasuses. Profiling does work, however Eric Holder doesn't like that. He prefers dead Americans.

So, we have chosen a fourth and failed option, ineffective displays of force that are designed to do nothing. Winston Churchhill is said to have remarked that Americans will try all available options then chose the one that will work. However how many will die because the police here cannot face the reality of Islamic terrorism until it is too late?

Of course there is a fifth option that the Russians use...

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