Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sushi, The New Federal Crime

While southern California is overrun with crime caused by illegal aliens and the drugs they import, the United States Attorney's Office has other priorities. The importation and serving of very expensive and delicious whale meat. I have dealt with the USAO for the Central District of California before and they routinely refuse to prosecute most federal crimes. How some whale sushi at a small restaurant got their attention when Americans are being murdered is unconsionable. The Mexican Mafia is on the march again. Apparently unfazed by the incompetant USAOSDCA, who failed to ask for and get the death sentence for the Mexican terrorists in the Hawaiian Gardens cases, ethnic cleansing by the Mexican Mafia continues under the very nose of the Department of Justice. Their real interest is stopping people from eating perfectly delicious mammals. Apparenlty for some reason eating some mammals from Japan is OK, like Kobe beef, but some others are apparently a federal priority, unlike ethnic cleansing. Also not a priority in the USAOCDCA is fraud in federal programs, re-entry after deportation, and drug dealing under 100 kilos.

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