Sunday, March 14, 2010

TSA's Lords Of Discipline

Ruben Hernandez, theTSA officer who allowed the Chinese man to evade security at an exit at Newark and caused a shutdown of the whole terminal will not be terminated, only "disciplined." At first I was surprised, as TSA acutally is one of the more agressive federal agencies in the area of discipline. They probably terminate more employees each year than any other agency. They certainly are the most agressive in that area in the Department of Homeland Security. Just the opposite of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is interesting in that ICE agents are required to testify routinely in federal courts, and any misconduct can make them useless in cases that go to court. ICE agents dominate the Department of Justice Giglio lists of agents who cannot be used in court. ICE agents are just not terminated unless they kill and rape someone. Corruption, incompetance, lying, those are accepted behavior in ICE. Customs and Border Protection though is close to TSA in that arena, but not as agressive.

At first look, TSA says that Hernandez is a great employee, and that appears to be why he is not being terminated. But in reality, look no further than his last name. Like most other agencies, TSA is short on Hispanics, they are just not qualifying for employment because of their lack of education, high number of inelligible aliens and illegal aliens, low scores on testing, and high rates of criminal activity. Also Federal Security Directors, the heads of TSA at airports, are political appointees and the Bush Administration packed those positions with people of color, even if they were Democrats, especially Hispanics. Supposedly there is a shortage of Hispanics in the federal government. This appears to be affirmative action discipline, which is quite common throughout the federal government.

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