Monday, March 29, 2010

White Celebrity Obsessed Blogger At It Again

Zennie Abraham, of the soon to be bankrupt San Francisco Chronicle, is at it again. No, not claiming all white people are racist (except for the crazy woman who used to dance in the parking lot of a grocery store) not threatening other bloggers with arrest by the FBI, but on his favorite obsession, white celebrities. Of course, in this case, he has his race angle, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James (no, not the real Jesse James who killed Yankees in the name of States Rights and the 10th Amendment), and the tattooed "Nazi-bikini-wearing" Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Of course, one is not certain if Michelle is a Nazi or she just wears Nazi bikinis. Given that the bikini is a French invention, I don't think the bikini is the alleged Nazi. I am almost certain that Michelle knows nothing about National Socialism, which Zennie seems to love, at least the Socialism part. Perhaps he is an International Socialist? Of course, Zennie probably doesn't know the difference, because whether you are dead from Zyclon B or an AK bullet in the back of the head is of no consequence. But he does think the FBI should be the NKVD, protecting the sensitivities of distinguished personages such as himself from whitey. What is more concerning is his following of Miley Cyrus. Why is a middle-aged man so concerned about an actress who portrays a pre-teen girl? Enquiring minds want to know!

Of course it is all whitey's fault, even the "new" Oaklanders who seem to fear Oakland's black criminal class and appear to be self-segregating. Apparently Oakland has been being invaded by the descendants of the Klu Klux Klan in the last ten years, which is an awful strange place for white flight to head off to. His solution is that Oakland should make a "Statement" that Oakland is hate free. Unmentioned is the hate speech from Oakland's Black Muslims who recently murdered a black journalist and the black run police department that backed off investigating their crimes, but Zennie is more concerned about whites avoiding becoming like Chauncey Bailey, gunned down in the streets. Apparenlty all was well and good before 2001, when the racist white people were fleeing Oakland, when the city was the center of culture and life. Oakland was sweetness and life between 1977 and 2000 under two black mayors, who precided over the decline and emptying of Oakland. During those years downtown Oakland was a no-go zone for white people, as was most of Oakland, except for the hills. They gave us the Black Muslims, the Black Panthers, and more crime than any other city its size.

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