Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Another Muslim immigrant from the Third World, Syed Hashmi, has pled guilty to the support of terrorism. No surprises here. The terrorist however tried to weasel his way out of it in the typical leftist fashion by appealing to political pressure to get him off the hook.

"The government's handling of Hashmi has been accompanied by an unusual outpouring of support for Hashmi from family, friends and civil rights groups that insisted he was being prosecuted because he had been outspoken against U.S. policies in the Middle East."

It was a bit of a fail, as he spent three years in solitary confinement on that fruitless quest, eventually admitting he did commit the crime and knew it was a crime even though he had previously denied everything and claimed it was a political setup to persecute Muslims and "opponents of American foreign policy":

"Fahad was a student of mine at Brooklyn College in 2002. An outspoken Muslim student activist, Fahad wrote his senior seminar paper with me on the treatment of Muslim groups within the United States and the violations of civil rights and liberties that many groups were facing. Needless to say, this feels particularly chilling—and no longer academic—as we have now witnessed his own rights being violated."

"In addition to Babar’s testimony, much of the government’s case seems to hinge upon evidence about Hashmi’s beliefs, associations, and speech. When Hashmi was a student at Brooklyn College, he was a member of Al Muhajiroun (ALM). This group takes and advocates positions well outside the mainstream of American public opinion. The US government, however, has not designated ALM a terrorist organization nor deemed membership in it illegal. While Hashmi’s beliefs, speech, and associations are constitutionally protected, the government may be tempted to emphasize them as evidence of his criminal intent, particularly in the absence of evidence of criminal action."

Of course academia is supporting the Muslim terrorist. The real issue though is again immigration and Islam. Pakistan is and was a terror supporting country and our immigration policy of family unification brings in more and more terrorists from Pakistan. Hashmi came as part of chain migration based on a relative of one of his parents at the age of 3. He was here since then but was unable to acculturate despite education in public schools and universities. Undoubtedly his stay at Brooklyn College aided his anti-American indoctrination by its obsession with diversity and the third world. His parents Syed Anwar Hashmi and Arifa Hashmi claimed they came here for the American dream, but they produced a nighmare. Clearly they helped in his indoctrination or tacitly supported it by not opposing his radicalizaiton. They might have been neutral on radicalization, but like Spain and Sweden, who were they neutral against? Obviously America. Interestingly enough he looks the part as well, although with more than a hint of teh ghey.

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