Monday, April 26, 2010

Race War

There is a race war going waging in the San Francisco Bay Area. No not the Klan, no not the Nazis, no not the Aryan Brotherhood, not the Nazi Low Riders, not the Peckerwoods, not any of the alleged white hate groups that mostly consist of FBI informants, but there is a war. It is a war of blacks on Asians, and elderly Asians at that. Black thugs are so courageous aren't they. Of course blacks continue their war on whites, but that does not make the newspapers, but the War On Asians is starting to break through into the Mainstream Media.

And the Asians are loosing. There have been three high profile attacks recently, but the Chinese Uncle Toms have been loudly appologizing and rationalizing black crime on Asians. The money quote:

“'We don’t need to point fingers, but we need to acknowledge that there is racial tension and we need to deal with it,' said Vincent Pan, executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action."

You see, Vincent Pan is so obsessed with blacks that he will not even name them as the perpetrators of the crimes against they people he is claiming to represent. However to anyone who knows, Chinese for Affirmative Action supports discrimination against Asians seeking to enter college or university in favor of blacks. Their only objection is that there are still some white people in California universities and in government jobs. The first choice of Chinese for Affirmative Action is blacks, then Asians, then Hispanics, then whites. You see they need blacks to set an example of the need for affirmative action to justify the affirmative action for Asians, but even then CFAF supports blacks over Asians, even when Asians are being killed.

The other Uncle Tom, David Chiu, is not much better. He doesn't name the problem either. He just talks about "communities" and "tension," not about the reality of black on Asian crime. The only tension is black on Asian crime. There is no Asian on black crime in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The money quote:

"San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu, who has been working with community members in the past few weeks on the racial-tension issue, is calling on The City and community to offer a reward to solve the murder case involving Chen."

I wonder what would have happened if the perpetrators were white? Oh, we know that. Chinese for Affirmative Action names names then.

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