Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Famous But Incompetant

I did not have much concern about the Hutaree militia case in Michigan. Some have claimed is was completely created by the FBI, but I had my doubts. The seemed to have a concrete plan to attack local police officers on at least two occasions. However it soon came out that at least one was a Demoncrat, so that was curious as usually only black Demoncrats and white Communist Demoncrats like Bill Ayers attack the police. However, the recent testimony by the affirmative action female FBI case agent has made me pause and give a second thought to the case. She apparently knows nothing about the case. She does not know if the weapons seized were illegal, she does not know what the militiamen said on the wiretaps and she cannot remember anything from the case reports. That is very curious, as the assigned case agent on any investigation, much less a high profile one like this, should have all the important details about any investigation at her fingertips. Basically, in court, you should be able to recite from memory any significant fact. Now with minor details one can refer to notes or reports, but endless "I don't knows" are not what a Special Agent should be answering with in court. It is clear now that the Hutaree case was manufactured from start to finish by an agent provacatuer. I disagree with the description of the Detroit Muslim gang case that Pro Libertate deals with as well, as it is clear that the black Muslims were a criminal gang as well as a wannabee terrorist group. But I think the problem is that the Hutaree case was manufactured for political benefit of the Obama Regime as well as dealing with FBI prejudice against white men, gun owners and Christians, all probably hated by Leslie Larson, who has appeared to vindicate the Peter Principle. Just mix in the DOJ contempt for the Second Amendment and Eric Holder's hatred of white people and you get the Hutaree case. However, this tendancy does tell us that the Detroit Muslim case was valid, since the prejudice of the FBI is not against blacks or Muslims, as they are beneficiaries of affirmative action at the FBI, but more likely show that the FBI is holding back on the target rich environment of Muslims in the U.S.

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