Friday, April 16, 2010

Four Days In Jail

The Muslim Imam, Ahmad Afzali, who conspired with two others to bomb the New York City subway system has pled guilty and been sentenced to time served, 4 days! (h/t Islamization Watch) In a conspiracy that would have killed hundreds Afzali gets less than a slap on the wrist. Supposedly he has agreed to deportation and will leave the country. This Afghan citizen says he will not return to Afghanistan, but somewhere else, yet to be determined. What a deterant to terrorism time served and free to go wherever he pleases. Most likely though is that he will go nowhere. Why, because if the U.S. tries to deport him to Afghanistan, he will claim either political asylum or protection under Convention Against Torture, claiming that he will be presecuted or tortured in Afghanistan. This will be a test case of Eric Holder's plan to allow terrorists from Gitmo to live in the U.S. They have nowhere to go as well and will suffer persecution or torture if deported to their home countries. Nowhere to go but remain in the U.S.

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