Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great News

A young thug and his illegal alien mother have been given green cards, even though neither are qualified for it. Only political pressure from Comrade Nancy Pelosi and an incompetent and criminal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services allowed this to occur. Call the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General to investigate this travesty at (202) 254-4100.

The illegal aliens entered the United States fraudulently, then failed to adjust her and her thug son's status in a timely manner. They said they could not afford it, but were able to get welfare legal assistance and intimidate USCIS by using the local Red media. Both were illegal aliens and legally ineligible to adjust their status. This is a crime, not to mention the son is a incipient thug already committing violent crimes in the U.S. More evidence that the Obama Regime is ignoring the law in its quest for more votes.

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