Monday, April 26, 2010

Mexican Stalinists

The left in America is Stalinists, intolerant of any opinion that deviates from its own and willing to use state power, terrorism and violence to impose its views. The same is true of Mexicans, who hate America and the principles for which we stand. No more evidence is needed than the attack on a white American photographer at the riot by Mexicans in response to Governor Jan Brewer's signing of a bill that would fight against illegal immigration in Arizona. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Three Mexicans stand out in the video. Two openly threatened the photographer as well as demanding that the photographer leave a public place and stop photographing the Mexican terrorists who were rioting. The woman also demanded that the photographer stop taking photos and leave. This shows that Mexicans in the United States not understand the basic principles of our society, such as freedom of speech and freedom of movement in public. Interestingly enough one of the Mexicans in the video was an official of the organization that organized the riot and terrorism. He was wearing a bright yellow shirt that said "Security." Such officials are commonly recognized by police departments nationwide during public demonstrations and take on the color of law in their actions as they are officially recognized by the municipal governments and police departments that regulate and supervise such demonstrations. In practice they are supposed to control and prevent illegal activity by the group that is permitted for the public event, such as a march or demonstration, as well as liaison with the police. They are not authorized to attack, intimidate, or enforce laws, nor take any illegal action, much less violate the civil rights of Americans. This is important in that is shows that the Phoenix Police Department was consulted and supported the organizations that planned this riot. This makes not only the organizers, the Mexican terrorists who threatened and assaulted the photographer, the security official, and the Phoenix Police Department liable under various Federal civil rights statutes that protect public activities by persons regardless of race, sex, color, or national origin. Clearly the PPD, the City of Phoenix, and the Mexican organizations that started the riot are liable. Phoenix is a sanctuary city that works closely with Mexican illegal aliens and terrorist groups that wage violence on non-Mexicans and whites in particular. All are also civilly liable under 18 USC 1983, Civil Action For Deprivation Of Rights.

Now do not expect the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice to take any action against the terrorists and their enablers. Obama was a close friend of terrorists like Bill Ayers and Louis Farrakhan. And Eric Holder protected the Black Panthers from arrest and prosecution under voting rights statutes. This just shows that there is no equality before the law in the United States. There is one law for Mexican terrorists and thugs, and another for white people and the States exercising their authority under the Constitution. Obama and Holder are the most vile racists ever to hold office. Their hatred of whites is clear. And so is their preference for minorities. Preferences that violate their oaths of office and establish the standards for impeachment and liability for criminal prosecution under the same civil rights laws they are violating. Be not deceived, Obama is engaged in a war on Americans, using whoever or whatever he wants for that war. In this case it is Mexican invaders, terrorists and thugs. He is already allowing them to wage their violent war on Americans; the only question is when the Obama Regime will openly attack Americans without using surrogates.

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