Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More On Mexican Stalinists

An update on the Mexican Stalinists and terrorists. One of the thugs from my previous post has appeared in another video. He is the guy with the goatee and glasses. In the first video he expresses his true feelings, which is that no one has any rights to oppose Mexican Stalinists and threatens the photographer as well as demands he leave a public place because he is white. In the second video he is identified as a "student leader" and first claims that violence is not the answer, then claims that white militia members do not have the right to appear in a public place and is prohibited saying anything about Mexicans. Note that he identifies the protesters as Mexicans, not Americans. It appears that the agenda of this organized riot and terrorist act had a deliberate racist policy of ethnic cleansing in Phoenix, all with the approval and support of the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department. Besides the fact that the PPD did not deploy sufficient officers to keep the peace, they allowed Mexican terrorists and rioters to openly violate the civil rights of Caucasians and Americans. And since the rioters deployed their own yellow shirted thugs identified as "Security" it is clear they had the approval of the PPD for the riot. The PPD should immediately arrest the organizers for the crimes committed and charge them as co-conspirators. This is similar to the racist ethnic cleansing underway in Hawaiian Gardens, CA where Mexican terrorists and gangbangers are killing all non-Mexicans, mostly blacks.

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