Sunday, April 11, 2010

Potheads, Tazers, And The Ohio National Guard

Some on the left and right have an apparently co-ordinated campaign against law enforcement in the United States. No, I am not talking about the Obama Regime's refusal to enforce civil rights laws and the Constitutional objections to Obamacare, but an orchestrated campaign apparently based on the Communist Party line.

Leftists and libertarians are again on the warpath to protect the use of marijuana. The new tactic is the Cato Institute's training program for drug smugglers, a video allegedly made to protect the rights of Americans, but directed in reality to protecting criminals of color. The basis of 10 Rules For Dealing With Police [sic], produced by Flex Your Rights and funded by a Marijuana Policy Project grant, is that the police are an occupying army in neighborhoods of color; the police spend their day harassing innocent Hispanics, blacks and grandmothers. The video is hosted by a pony tailed black defense attorney Billy Murphy who apparently is also an actor on The Wire. The Wire was known as an educational program for drug dealers, pretending to be a police procedural drama, specializing in educating drug dealers of color on how to beat wiretaps. The premise of 10 Rules was there are too many stops and searches in minority communities. What the video doesn't mention is that the reason there are so many stops and searches in communities of color is that is where the crime is. Not much drug dealing and violence in Alameda, but most of it is in the neighboring community of Oakland, where there are quite a few more blacks and Hispanics. Note also the makeup of the actors and actresses in 10 Rules. The Hispanic character is well dressed as a member of the audience, but when his "story" is told, he is in full Los Angeles gangbanger apparel. The major black character is also interesting. His story is used to tell viewers to remain calm during traffic stops and not be aggressive to the police. But the first telling of his story is one of typical "oppressed" minority behavior; anger, wild arm gestures, fist pounding the interior roof of the car. Basically how blacks act when dealing with white police officers. They are personally affronted despite the fact that black neighborhoods are rife with crime where blacks are the overwhelming number of victims, as well as perpetrators. Everything is a conspiracy, the "Man" is out to get them, everything is profiling, but if you didn't illegally change lanes, you would not get "profiled."

The supporting theme of 10 Rules is that innocent people should not cooperate with the police. 10 Rules rationalizes this because they are worried that the previous owner of your car might have left a dubbie that you will be punished for. Hardly likely. Anyone who has watch a few episodes of Cops realizes that criminals quite frequently give the police consent to search their person and vehicle, eventually ending up in jail for it when the cops find the drugs. It appears that the good folks at Cato and the Marijuana Policy Project have been watching and their clientele are spending money on attorneys rather than donating or purchasing from their dealers, who undoubtedly also contribute to the Marijuana Policy Project and Cato.

Frighteningly though this pro-criminal attitude has migrated rightward to even the estimable Vdare, which appears to be of the opinion that the white police officers of America are out looking for other white people, grandmothers and college students to tazer. Most who get tazered deserve it, just like the infamous "Don't Taze Me Bro" guy. Peters emphasizes that the police should not tazer grandmothers, pregnant women or college students, as if these people have a talismic status sort of like hiding in a church during the Medieval period or today. Well, college students, grandmothers and mothers, like other people, should just sign their speeding tickets and be on their way. But no, they just got to fight the sheriff man.

On a similar vein, the gun rights crowd has decided they want to defend lawlessness. In this case these guys have decided that the rioting, arson, and treason that was rocking Kent State University while American men were under arms and fighting communism was the right thing. Usually the gun rights crowd is all about the militia, but they obviously changed their mind when the militia actually did something, like shoot long haired dope smoking communist terrorists at Kent State. Next we will be hearing that Alger Hiss and Bill Ayers were true American heroes for supporting Ho Chi Minh, not the Ohio National Guard.

Those who get tazered usually deserve it. Really deserve it. Some advice when stopped by the police, just cooperate, let them search, and sign your traffic citation. Otherwise it could go bad. Yeah, the police and National Guard could be used to oppress Americans in Obama world, but we knew that from the Cheka, but that can be created from scratch, we won't be saving anything by allowing loudmouths to fight it out with cops.

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