Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second Amendment Sellouts

Second Amendment advocates have drunk the diversity Kool-Aide and have decided on a strategy of pandering to Hispanics and relying on the legitimacy of blacks to save the right to own and use firearms in the United States. The ownership, use, concern over the right of ownership of firearms in the U.S. is an implicitly Caucasian activity and concern. (h/t Occidental Dissent for the term "implicit whiteness.") Seeing a Hispanic or black at a firearms event is highly unusual, whether it be a machine gun shoot like Knob Creek, marksmanship match such as Camp Perry, or competitive pistol shoot such as IPSC. Obviously some Hispanics and blacks own firearms for lawful purposes, but most but most black and Hispanic politicians want them banned.

Some gun rights advocates have adopted the rhetoric of the affirmative action activists and tried to justify the Second Amendment based on a justification based on black political and civil rights history. This is exemplified by the activists David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh, and David Hardy.

Hardy justifies the Second Amendment by basing it on the right of blacks to own guns and a black man is the happy face of the Chicago gun case. While it is true that the Radical Republicans of the Reconstruction Era wanted blacks in the South armed, it is the considered opinion of Hardy and supporters that they need a non-white face in the Chicago case. No red-necks, whites, or standard supporters of the Second Amendment were acceptable. They preferred a someon from the Queer Nation or minority to the typical gun owner who is straight, white, Christian, and male. While this maybe a valid political strategy, it is surrendering to an eventual end of gun rights, since minorities vote overwhelmingly for the gun-grabbers. Given Barak Hussein Obama and Sonya Sotomeyor, a minority strategy is doomed to eventual failure. I am certain that Otis MacDonald voted for the gun-grabbers and that vote might give us a Supreme Court aligned against the Second Amendment. Note that almost all Jewish voters and minorities voted against the Second Amendment in 2008.

That brings us to Codrea and Vanderboegh, the author of the blog novel Absolved. The main theme of Absolved is that it is the anti-slavery, pro-Union whites of rural Alabama, the armed Deacons of the Civil Rights Movement, and a black State of Alabama Attorney General (sort of a cross between Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas) save the country from a bunch of white tyrants (Not to mention the deus ex machina of a Taiwanese expatriot, which really told us the war will be lost. According to Vanderboegh Americans cannot even make a decent copy of the M-14. We had to go get a cheap Taiwanese knock-off to win our liberty). Not that there is anything wrong with Sowell or Thomas, they are great, but also atypical. The gun-grabber Obama gained 96% of the black vote. Ipso facto, blacks serve no purpose in the gun rights movement. They, like Hispanics, are part of the problem, not the solution.

For some reason though some of the Second Amendment advocates have adopted a pro-illegal alien outlook, especially that of the black proto-anarchist Norman Grigg, who has a recent rant against stopping the illegal alien invasion. Grigg apparently believes that any restrictions on illegal aliens is an affront to Americans, but seems to have forgotten that the Hispanic with limited English skills he profiles, Abdon, curiously with only one name which makes me think that this Hispanic doesn't want the public to know his last name since that might expose some identity theft, most likely voted for Obama. How short sighted. He supports the Second Amendment, wants to save it, but is trying to do so by challenging checkpoints used by the Border Patrol to catch illegal aliens who vote for higher taxes, more government spending, gun control, racial discrimination, and the end of the 10th Amendment as well. Sort of cutting of your gun rights to spite your ability to speak English........OK, a tangled analogy, but you get my point. In order to save the Second Amendment, he destroyed the whole Constitution, along with the Second Amendment. Thanks for nothing. We don't need to justify the armed tradition and God-given right to be armed by appealing to blacks and we certainly don't need to end border controls to protect the Second Amendment, especially not for a more than suspicious claim to citizenship. Just how bad was Abdon's English? Wow, not much better than "I citizen Estados Unidos." Don't forget boys, our Founding Fathers were slave owners. To quote NPR's paraphrasing of Roger Wilkins,the famous black commentator: "Author Roger Wilkins notes that many founding fathers were slave owners, a fact that affects the patriotism of African-Americans today. Wilkins argues it was the slaves with their labor who allowed men such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington the freedom to become statesmen."


David Codrea said...

Fuck you, asshole racist coward.

Show me how you're not afraid to use that badge.

Federale said...

Accusations of racism are the first refuge of the coward, Barak Hussein Obama, and illegal aliens. And profanity is the first refuge of a moron without an arguement.