Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smart Guy Hires Legal Terrorist

Hugh Hewitt's friend, proclaimed "Smart Guy" and leftist agitator ensconsed as Dean at the University of California Irvine School of Law Erwin Chemerinsky has hired legal terrorist and ex-con Bill Lerach. Your tax dollars at work furthering Chemerinsky's political agenda. Lerach specialized in harrasssing start-up high tech firms with shareholder lawsuits, consequently destroying jobs, just as Chemerinsky has specialized in defending Muslim terrorists and harrassing city governments for not letting bums sleep in the parks, on the beaches and on the sidewalks of formerly livable cities in southern California. (h/t Overlawyered)

Interstingly enough Hewitt recently jumped down the through of a caller who identified Baraka Hussein Obama as a Marxist. Hewitt was enraged and called this "nutter" talk. Hewitt then went on to state that Obama was an Alinsky leftist. Well, just what is an "Alinsky Leftist?" Alinsky was a communist, though apparently not an open Party member. He was a big supporter of Third World communist movements, close to the Congress of Industrial Organizations, a communist led amalgam of leftist and violent unions who took orders from the NKVD to interfer with pre-WWII arms production during the Nazi-Soviet Pact alliance.

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