Friday, April 16, 2010

War On White Men

Liberal blogger Crime & Federalism has a series of posts on a specific case of the War on White Men (Middle Class Campaign). Others in the series here, here, and here. Why is it that white women like Marcella Beth Dresdale participate in this war on white men when the real rapists are black men? This is an interesting case in that the alleged perpetrator has signed some sort of agreement with Dresdale in exchange she will not file criminal charges. Pretty interesting that the victim has not reported it to the police, but was able to force Brown University to unofficially expell the accused. Clearly they had sex, did she later regret it? Was it photographed and she is now ashamed? Was the agreement to surrender any photographs and video? That is what I am thinking. She probably had a boyfriend at the time and has to explain her cheating heart and an accusation of rape is her way of dealing with it. To bad the results of her behavior is to further coverup the epidemic of black crime in this country.

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