Thursday, April 15, 2010

What A Contribution Immigrants Make

An immigrant or direct descendant of immigrants, Ramon Bazon, is in the news. Not surprisingly it is the story of another corrupt federal law enforcement employee of Hispanic ancestry assisting illegal aliens to enter the United States on fraudulenlty obtained non-immigrant visas. The twist here is that it is not a U.S. Border Patrol Agent or a Customs and Border Protection Officer, it is a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Special Agent. One assigned to our Embassy in Mexico City, supposedly to assist the development of Mexican law enforcement agencies from corrupt bunglers to, what I don't know, maybe Waco killers? I think the killing part the Federales have got down pat. Now, we don't really know why he was doing this. Perhaps ethnic sympathy, or just a mordida to help smooth the way there. Nothing gets you cooperation in Mexico better than promising access to El Norte. No hint that trafficantes were involved, but if they weren't I don't see anyone really getting concerned about this issue. Remember, the Christmas Day bomber got his visa only because of the influence of his father. That was State Department Consular Officers doing the same thing, trading visas for good relations. And this maricon is going to jail for the same thing? Perhaps this is just an example of double standards or perhaps the Obama Regime is trying to keep a lid on the issue of corruption in their favorite law enforcement agency in anticipation of the next Waco. It would not due to let it be known that besides being stupid and brutal, they are also corrupt. Perhaps Mike Vanderboegh is correct about coming events.

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