Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Bother

Calling ICE about illegal aliens. They just don't respond. And that is the official policy. It is just not their priority.

The money quote:

"But people calling to report low-level immigration violations, like a neighbor who might be an illegal immigrant, likely are not getting the responses they hope for.

"'We focus on criminal activity," Palmatier said. "We're not really set up to respond to administrative violations. We have to prioritize. ICE has taken the position of going after the worst of the worst. That means criminal aliens.'"

So, there it is. ICE Special Agents and Deportation Officers, earning well over $100K after just 6 years on the job, are being paid to do nothing. They are being paid to ignore violations of the law because it is not a "priority" to arrest an illegal alien. Note that some of those phone calls to ICE may have identified the terrorists illegal aliens recently arrested in Massechusetts and Maine. Perhaps if ICE was going around arresting illegal aliens at workplaces then we would not have suffered 9/11 or the Times Square Bombing.

And don't bother calling ICE about Gladys Castro who is an illegal alien going to UC Berkeley. She is so arogant about her law breaking her name and photo appear in the newspaper complaining she is not getting enough welfare from the taxpayers.

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