Monday, May 24, 2010

Empty Threat?

Not so fast. Andy McCarthy, a real smart guy, unlike Comrade Erwin Chemerinsky, is of the opinion that John Morton's, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, threat not to take custody of illegal aliens detained by Arizona law enforcement, is an empty threat.

"Imagine that ICE followed through on its threat. Before being forced to release them, Arizona would record all the details of each alien ICE turns away. Then, when one of the released illegal immigrants committed a crime, there would be so great a cry throughout the land that the White House would surely change its policy — but only after a PR nightmare. They may be socialists, but they can't be that stupid."

Well, they are that stupid. I was going to write on this same subject days before Morton announced the new policy predicting the same thing. I was going predict that is how ICE would subvert the Arizona law. Well, if you want to be a topical blogger, you have to produce and quickly or events prove your correct before you can predict it. Well, I was slow, and Morton beat me to it. At least I can say I said it before though, and said it, and said it. ICE has a policy of not arresting illegal aliens. And refusing to take custody of illegal aliens already in a local agencies custody is not something new for ICE. It happens everyday. I hate to be right, but I usually am.

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