Monday, May 10, 2010

Hugh Hewitt, Second Amendment Advocates And Mexicans

Mexican immigrants, illegals, and Mexicans with American passports are at it again. This time they are desecrating the American flag, just like Communist terrorist William Ayers. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Hugh Hewitt thinks that these people are just what we need. He calls it regularization, but it is amnesty, and he thinks they will be voting Republican some day soon. Not any time soon. Juan McCain supported amnesty and all he got was a lousy T-shirt and 32% of the Hispanic vote. Second Amendment advocates think Hispanics are the new savior of the right to keep and bear arms. Not going to happen if they are voting for Obama and the party of gun control. As Rush says, regularization, amnesty, whatever you call it, it is all about a Demoncrat majority, more socialism, more gun control, more desecration, more violence, and more reconquistisme.

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