Thursday, May 13, 2010

Immigration And Terrorism

Besides Islam, the sole important connection between all terrorists in this country is immigration. The most recent events in NYC with the car-bomber Faisal Shahzad had three Muslim immigrants arrested apparently for supporting Shahzad's attempt. Two overstayed their non-immigrant visas and the third was already in removal proceedings, but not in custody. All were associated with other Muslim immigrants including working at a gas station owned by Muslim Lebanese immigrants and a print shop owned by Pakistani Muslim immigrants.

"In New Jersey, the FBI searched a home in Cherry Hill, N.J., and a print shop in Camden, N.J., said FBI spokesman J.J. Klaver in Philadelphia.

"Two brothers, Muhammad Fiaez and Iqbal Hinjhara, live at the Cherry Hill condominium, Fiaez said. He said his brother owns the print shop.

"Authorities arrived at their home at 6 a.m., Fiaez said, questioned him and his brother on how long they have lived in the U.S. and on the business. After questioning, the FBI told Fiaez he wasn't of interest to them."

"The brother of the owner of both stations tells the Herald today the man targeted in the sweep had just been hired."


"Elias Audy owns both Brookline gas stations, one a Mobil station and car lot, that the feds searched this morning in Brookline, according to state records.

"Audy was seen today at his Harvard Street station, talking to FBI agents.

"A woman identified as Audy’s mother, told the Herald today at her West Roxbury home that her son is not involved.

“'He’s a very good man. Everybody love him,' said Salam Audy, 85."

There is even another Jihad Jane angle. One of the terrorists appears to have married an American woman:

Ashim Chakraborty, who owns the home in Centereach, said FBI agents and police officers came to his home Thursday morning seeking to question a couple รข€” a Pakistani man and an American woman _who have lived in the basement apartment for the past 18 months.

"The woman, who did not identify herself, was still in the basement Thursday afternoon, telling reporters only, 'Drop dead, I'm an American.'"

Lebanese Muslim immigrants hiring an Muslim illegal alien terrorist to work off the books. The whole panoply of our immigration and terrorist problems are summed up in this story.

Muslims come here supposedly to work and integrate, but become radicalized or most likely are already radicalized. We don't know because we don't inquire into their beliefs when we give them visas or green cards. Some openly support terrorism, some just support those who are radicalized, some overstay their visas, some are naturalized, some are caught and released, some marry to get status, some of the former immigrants hire fellow immigrants illegally, this is the classic Maoist strategy. The terrorist will swim in a sea of their fellow immigrants, hiding, waiting, planning, all in plain sight because the police will not arrest illegals, ICE will not arrest illegals, ICE releases the few illegals that it arrests back into our country to continue their terrorism.

We have a terrorism problem because we allow the problem to exist, to fester, to grow, and we do nothing. They live among us and we do nothing. And Juan McCain and Jorge Bush just tell us they come here to do the work Americans won't. Does that include terrorism? Was Tim McVeigh the last native American terrorist?


Christina said...

Elias Audy is not Muslim, so do your homework before you make false claims.

Federale said...

How do you know? Salam Audy sounds like a Muslim name.

Federale said...

But you are very hot.