Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica And The Terrorists

Jessical Colotl and one of the Pakistani terrorists arrested last week have one thing in common. Actually two things. They are both illegal aliens and they both have been released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention and Removal Operations (ICE DRO) even though they are in the U.S. illegally. It appears that ICE DRO is more interested in releasing illegal aliens than deporting them. Just what are they being paid for? Not to do their job? Illegal aliens have an easy time of it. Colotl went to university paying in-state tuition and the three terrorists work quite openly.

The money quote for the terrorists:

“'They’re very good men, all hard workers,' said Ser Khan of Watertown, adding that his friends did not voice any radical views or hatred toward the United States. 'They got jobs. They got money. They live here. They eat here. They work here. How can someone hate America?'”

Even worse, apparently ICE DRO is assisting Colotl to allow her to finish her education, even though that is illegal. Worse still is that her parents continue to live illegally in the U.S. at an address that Colotl gave ICE DRO. As a matter of fact her defense in her case involving her lies about her address to the Cobb County Sheriff's Office is that she gave her true and correct address to ICE DRO.

" When asked about the false statements to the police, Ms. Colotl deferred to her attorneys who are representing her pro bono. Her attorneys stated that Ms. Colotl did not provide a false address to the police and Cobb County police could have received her correct address from ICE officials. The attorneys did not answer questions about her lack of a driver's license."

So, why not call ICE DRO in Atlanta and let them know there are a few illegal aliens living at that address:

Atlanta Field Office
180 Spring Street SW, Suite 522
Atlanta, GA 30303
404 893 1210

One could also find out where Jessica is working illegally as well.

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