Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Non-Enforcement By ICE

ICE again has decided that its Deportation Officers are being paid not to do their jobs. (h/t American Patrol) Jessica Colotl, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested for driving without a license and was eventually detained by ICE through what appears to be a 287(g) or Secure Communities program at the county jail. Colotl was detained and appears to have at first agreed to depart the U.S. on her own volition, but later the story says that ICE gave her a letter saying she was illegal and nothing would happen to her for now. This is how ICE enforces immigration law: Allows illegal aliens who know they are illegal and lets them off scot free. What sort of law enforcement agency gives letters to criminals informing them they are criminals. They already know that. What is the point?

It helps if the President of Kennesaw State University Dr. Dan Papp, where Colotl was attending classes illegally, called in political favors to get you released. Why the President of a minor university and a former Mexican Consul General have such a concern with a student arrested for crimes is amazing, since I am certain they don't get involved in other arrests of students. Even more interesting is that Colotl provided false information about her phone number and place or residence to the Cobb County Sheriff's Office when she was arrested for not having a driver license:

"In an attempt to contact Colotl, the Journal visited the home address in Duluth she provided Cobb Police on her jail book-in sheet on March 30. The woman who answered the door at the residence in Century Park Apartments said that she still receives mail in Colotl's name, although she has lived there for five months and has never met the 21-year-old KSU student.

"The Journal also tried calling an Atlanta-area code phone number Colotl provided to the jail, but the number was no longer in service. Repeated calls to her attorney, Kazuma Sonoda, of the Sonoda Law Firm, an immigration attorney in Atlanta, have gone unanswered."

ICE has also failed to follow up on her parents, who are also illegal aliens, and quite possibly the sorority sisters,Claudia Caycho and Lila Para,as well. Both became suddenly silent after public protests:

"Efforts to contact Bervera and Colotl's two sorority sisters, Caycho and Lila Parra, who helped organize a march in honor of the KSU student on May 1, have also been unsuccessful."

Notice also that almost all the people in this story are immigrants. Her attorney, her sorority sisters, Xochitl Bervera, communications director for the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights the local race mongers, and the former Mexican Consul General, presumable a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Illegal immigration cannot happen without support and a network of fellow aliens, just like the fish in the sea of Mao Tse-t'ung's guerrilla war.

And, of course, in the middle of this ICE, spending millions of dollars and doing nothing but assisting illegal aliens to remain in the U.S.


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