Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More On Jessica Colotl

An update on Colotl. And some fun facts that I overlooked. First, she has a Mexican driver's license, which tells me that she has been traveling back and forth to Mexico as an adult and must have stayed there quite alot of time. Second, she presented a Mexican passport to the officer who arrested her. Most illegals from Mexico don't have passports, unless they enter the U.S. with a visa or border crossing card. Mexican passports are usually only valid for one or two years, sometimes longer. So, depending on where it was issued, most likely Mexico rather than a Mexican consulate in the U.S. as no American consular officer would issue a Mexican a visa or BCC if her passport was issued in the U.S., she certainly was traveling alot for someone who's parents are allegedly so poor. It also appears that she must have fraudulently obtained the visa or BCC she obtained in Mexico and fraudulently used the visa or BCC. This is even more inexplicable for ICE to let her go with so many criminal and immigration violations. Surely more grounds for impeaching Obama for failing to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Quite alot of activity for a child allegedly trapped here by her parents; coming and going so frequently.

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