Monday, May 24, 2010

Muslims Prove Hugh Hewitt Wrong

Again. (h/t Jihad Watch) In his desparate pandering to the radical left that controls the media, Hugh Hewitt proclaimed all that is wrong with Islam is only that that is a cultural legacy of Arab culture. Actually, Hugh, the worst of Islam is not the Bedouin of Arab culture, but the Arabized non-Arabs of Egypt, such as Sayad Quob. You think Hewitt would know that as he constantly claims he read The Looming Tower and has interviewed the author on his radio program. But The Looming Tower tells a story of the Baluchi terrorists who make up the operations wing of Al Queda. It tells us of the pernicious influence of Islam, not unique to Arab culture. Hewitt insists that Islam is moderated outside of Arabia, and nothing will dissuade him of that position, facts be damned.

And again we have more evidence it is Islam that is the problem, not Arab culture. More attacks on Indonesian Christians by Indonesian Muslims. "After a series of protests by local extremist Islamic groups, the city decided to close the church and suspend the GKI despite the fact that the Christian group had all the necessary permits to build its church and practice its faith." So, Hugh, where is that legendary moderate Islam that you claim exists outside of Arabia?

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