Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One McNamara Lost Vietnam

Another lost San Jose to Hispanic gangs. Now Joseph McNamara is advising the new affirmative action police chief of Oakland on law enforcement strategy. Of course, slavery is apparently the biggest issue concerning Oakland's high crime rate. The money quote:

"The elephant in the room is race. African Americans, as well as other minority groups, understandably are sensitive to the evils that slavery and other discrimination have wrought."

Wow, that is news. Oakland has had a black mayor or black police chief since the 70s. You would think that would have made up for the non-existant legacy of slavery in California, but apparently that is an important issue for the failed former Chief of Police of San Jose.

Although Joseph McNamara laid the ground work for MS-13, Surenos and Norternos to dominate crime in San Jose due to a policy of protecting illegal aliens from arrest by the federal government. He brags that at one time San Jose was the safest large city, which is a little like saying compared to Washington DC and Detroit, San Jose's crime is lower. Well, it could have been even lower, but like Oakland police chiefs and mayors, putting criminals of color behind bars was not a priority.

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