Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pollution From Parked Idling Cars Is Evil

But not when those same cars are idling in a traffic jam while carpool lanes lie empty.

"It seems that many people are concerned about the Kyoto Protocol, but not about the streets of Kyoto. According to experts, even when a car is cruising down the street, more than 80% of the energy of combustion is wasted as heat. When an automobile is idling, the cooler engine temperature impedes the function of the exhaust-filtering catalytic converter. The vehicle is soon producing an unfiltered mix of harmful gases."

Excellent science. So why is it that leftists want us to sit in traffic jams? Idling cars produce more pollution. What is the real reason that leftists are involved in the environmental issue? Obviously not because they are concerned about pollution. If they were concerned about all idling cars then they would be looking for more and better highways and roads. They would work to keep cars moving.

But that is not their real concern. Their real concern is control. Watermelon, green on the outside, red on the inside.

"From this question came the “Stop Idling Yellow Card” campaign. I printed up a set of cards about the size of drink coasters with the intention of “penalizing” drivers who leave their cars running. As of this writing, our small band of volunteers has approached 200 people, pointing out that their idling engines are wasting costly gasoline and releasing greenhouse gasses.

"Why make the card yellow? We don’t have the authority to force people to turn off their own cars, and we encourage cooperation rather than confrontation. A gentle warning card like those used by soccer referees was an obvious choice.

"Instead of just plastering notices on windshields, though, we try to engage each driver in discussion. “The problem with the environment is not in the future — it’s now,” we say. Or: “Wouldn’t it be good to turn the engine off?” Only after establishing that essential personal contact do we hand over the yellow card and encourage drivers to read over the printed information."

At best they are annoying heckoring nuisances, but at worst they are closet Stalinists. What happens when the yellow card program fails? Theft? Vandalism? Terrorism? Dictatorship? Clearly this is just the opening shot in the real long war.

The leftists are at the cusp of dictatorship, theft and terrorism. It is not much of a jump from hectoring nanny to Stalin. Here is the money quote:

"Of the 34.5% of yellow cards that didn’t result in an engine being turned off, the most common reason was simply that there was no driver in the car to speak to. We had no options other than jumping in and taking the keys, or slipping a card on the windshield. We went for the latter—although the idea of taking the keys was sorely tempting."

"Sorely tempting;" that is puting it mildly. Their real fantacy is much more chilling. Arrests, theft, assault, murder, dictatorship. That is their motivation.

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