Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Question Of Dual Loyalty

Leftists go bonkers when their patriotism is questioned, but just ask Alger Hiss who leftists are loyal to. It is not America. The same leftists become even more enraged with their accusations of dual loyalty when the issue of an immigrants or descendant of immigrants loyalty is questioned. But we have an object lesson on the loyalty of immigrants from Japan. (h/t One Free Korea) In a story about the North Korean national soccer team the loyalty of Korean immigrants to Japan is exposed as not even dual loyalty, but loyalty only to Korea.

The money quote:

"Like athletic teams anywhere, North Korea's national soccer team has scouted and grabbed talent where it could, snaring two ethnic Koreans who were born in Japan and play for Japan's pro league. Those two—Chong Dae Se and Ahn Young Hak—don't have to return to North Korea when the tournament is over. They were also willing to talk about the team.

"Messrs. Ahn and Chong grew up in Japan and speak perfect Japanese, but they attended North Korea-affiliated schools and say they think of themselves as North Korean."

Remind you of any immigrant group?

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