Wednesday, May 12, 2010

San Francisco Police Chief In Denial

As the race war being waged by blacks on Asians in San Francisco rages on. Just as he denied that Muslims would participate in domestic terrorism and events and Muslims Faisal Shahzad and Najibullah Zazi proved him wrong, Police Chief George Gascon denies any of the long series of attacks on mostly elderly Asians by black juveniles is racially motivated.

The money quote:

"In response to demands by some Asian Americans for hate-crime prosecutions, Gascón renewed his assertion that the attacks have been 'mostly crimes of opportunity' that were not motivated by race.

"He presented the city's latest statistics on aggravated assaults and robberies through April 24, showing that Asians, who make up 30 percent of San Francisco's population, accounted for 19 percent of the victims; African Americans, 7 percent of the population, made up 21 percent of the victims.

"Figures for Bayview and Ingleside were similar, Gascón said.

"'This is not to minimize the concern, but ... to put things into context,' the chief said."

Of course, that is exactly what he was doing, minimizing black crime directed at Asians and other non-blacks. What Gascon did not mention was the crime rate of blacks, especially juveniles. They make up almost fifty percent of all perpetrators of crime in California. That is a frightening figure given that blacks are only 7% of the population of San Francisco.

Of course, the appologists in the Asian community for black crime are in on the action:

"'Don't let them divide and conquer. If they do, nothing will change,' said Chia-Chi Li, a San Francisco attorney.

"She spoke alongside Teresa Duque of the Asian American Community Center, who urged the audience to put racial differences aside. 'The police are working for all of us,' she said."

Of course, what is unsaid is whom is supposedly dividing and conquering. Clearly Asians of the political class want Asians and blacks to unite against whites. So here we have it again, whites being blamed for black-on-Asian crime. Another version of "The Man" oppressing people of color to obviously benefit the Demoncrat Party. I guess Li and Duque would be happier if blacks were just attacking whites. Or at least not ruining the Party Line by their behavior.

And the black political class also chimed in:

"'You ain't never seen a black person offered $100,000,' said Ingrid Wynn, to shouts of approval from other African Americans.

"'It is an insult to us in this community to see all this police force,' said Geoffrea Simpson Morris, a Board of Supervisors candidate. Another speaker, Charlie Walker, said top police commanders have never met with the community after the violent deaths of African Americans, including his grandson in November.

"'We're one family. ...We're not required to compare blood for blood,' said Sharon Hewitt, who counsels African American homicide victims."

I don't think that there would be calls for unity, but for blood, if whites were attacking blacks, but that just doesn't happen in San Francisco, white on black crime that is.

Charlie Walker also did not mention that his grandson, Leonard Bradley, was shot by the police after a chase of a stolen car. Nor did Walker mention his own criminal past.

The $100,000 reward for information on the blacks who killed Huan Chen has failed to dent the No Snitching attitude of blacks. Perhaps Walker should address that issue before he complains about anything.


Jacob said...

Your only evidence is convictions of blacks in the area...many of which are probably wrongful:

Federale Federale said...

So all those Asian victims of black crime are lying about the race of their attackers?