Monday, June 21, 2010

Black War On Asians Goes International

Blacks have been waging a race war on Asians in San Francisco for a while. That war has gone international in Paris of all places. (h/t Council of Conservative Citizens) Added to that is the Muslim war on non-Muslims, which is quite common in Malaysia and Indonesia, where local Muslims war on Chinese.

Of course, many of the Chinese are illegally in Paris, so that is part of their complaint.

"Those who can't speak French or don't have proper papers are not able to
complain," a florist in Belleville told AFP.

But what is more interesting is that the press has refused to identify the perpetrators, except identify them as "immigrants." Which is code for blacks and Muslims in France, just as Asian in the UK is code for Muslims, refering to Pakistanis.

In the last few months, Chinese in the French capital have been subjected to
attacks and violent robberies by youths in Belleville and other parts of eastern
Paris, and many feel at a disadvantage as immigrants.

Typically, Radio Australia and Agence France-Presse, refuse to identify the attackers, which at least the SF Chronicle has done in the San Francisco story. Which goes to show that when Asians serve their purpose, they are victims, but they are inferior in the eyes of the left to Blacks and Muslims, and don't serve the purpose of the left, they are ignored or the crimes mimimized. Lets face it, Asians, even though they vote Demoncrat, are well down the ladder of approved victims.

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